Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Makers Day

Makers Day for vampires is much like Mothers or Fathers day for humans (actually it's just a marketing ploy by HBO to hype the June 10th premiere of True Bloods 5th season but just play along).  Every vampire sucks blood but not every vamp has the opportunity to create another of the species so it should be a big deal.  Since June 10th was Makers day I figure I'd do a special post listings twenty of the most famous and sexy female "Makers".

Name: Darla
Played by: Julie Benz
Maker of: Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel)

Name: Akasha
Played by: Aaliyah Haughton
Maker of: All Vampires in existence (Queen of the Damned)

Name: Lillith
Played By: Angie Everheart
Maker of: An entire vampire bordello (Tales from the Crypt presents:"Bordello of Blood)

Name: Buffy Sanders
Played By: Brooke Nevin
Maker of: The vampire sorority "Tri Psi" (Smallville)

Name: Danica
Played By: Erica Cox
Maker of: "Sherry" (Bitten)

Name: Danica Talos
Played By: Parker Posey
Maker of: Hannibal King (Blade Trinity)

Name: Krista Starr
Played By: Jill Wagner
Maker of: Lisa Starr (Blade: The Series)

Name: Christina
Played By: Laura Mennell
Maker of: Henry Fitzroy (Blood Ties)

Name: Marie
Played By: Anne Parillaud
Maker of: Sal Macelli (Innocent Blood)

Name: Caroline
Played By: Shannyn Sossamon
Maker of: Mick St. John (Moonlight)

Name: Elizabeth Barrington
Played By: Rebecca Staab
Maker of: Ian Thornhart & Joshua Temple (Port Charles)

Name: Lorena Ball
Played By: Mariana Klaveno
Maker of: Bill Compton (True Blood)

Name: Pam De Beaufort
Played By: Kristin Bauer
Maker of: Tara Thornton (True Blood)

Name: Rebekah Mikaelson
Played By: Claire Holt
Maker of: 1/5 of all Vampires in existence (Vampire Diaries)

Name: Katherine Peirce
Played By: Nina Dobrev
Maker of: Stefan and Damon Salvatore (The Vampires Diaries)

Name: Angelique Bouchard
Played By: Lara Parker (1960's), Lysette Anthony (1991), Eva Green (2012)
Maker of: Barnabas Collins (Dark Shadows)

Name: Katrina
Played By: Sheryl Lee
Maker of: Anthony Montoya (John Carpenters Vampires)

Name: Santinico Pandemonium
Played By: Salma Hayek
Maker of: Richard Gecko (From Dusk Till Dawn)

Name: Regine Dandridge
Played By: Julie Carmen
Maker of: Every vampire in the film Fright Night 2

Name: Countess Nadine Carody
Played By: Soledad Miranda
Maker of: Linda Westinghouse (Vampyros Lesbos)

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