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The Sexy Female Vamps of "Supernatural"

Supernatural is a American television series which has aired on the "CW" network since 2005.  It follows the adventures of the Winchester Brothers who have been active monster hunters since they were young boys.  Every week they embark on a new adventure in which they investigate reports of different monsters around the nation.

The show is played out like a combination of the Buffy the Vampire Slayers series with the X-Files (there are new and different monsters to hunt every week like Buffy but a backstory involving the boys that is also followed from week to week).  Vampires for the first few seasons was a yearly subject that would show up around Halloween with one of the boys main antagonist being a rogue vampire slayer.  In the most recent seasons individual vampire related episodes have been replaced with an "Alpha Vampire" being a part of the shows main storyline.

Vampires in the "Supernatural" universe are different from your run of the mill vamps in that stakes through the heart do not kill them (only sunlight or decapitation works).  Also vampire fangs resemble that of a piranha (multiple rows of sharp fangs) more than it does a vampire bat (elongated canines).

Vampiress Cast

Anne Openshaw (Kate: Season 1, Episode 20 "Dead Man's Blood")
In the shows first encounter with vampires "Kate" is the main squeeze of the head vampire in charge (Luther).  Eventually the guys capture her (giving her blood from a dead body poisoning her hence the episodes title) and use her as bate to lure Luther and the rest of the vamps out of their lair (to rescue her) so that they can rescue the humans that the vamps captured.  There are actually two other unnamed female vampires in this episode but none of them including Kate actually fang out unfortunately.

Amber Benson (Lenore: Season 2, Episode 3 "Bloodlust")
The guys second experience with vampires is much different than the first thanks to this hotty formally known as Willow's lesbian witch lover on the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" TV series.  When investigating a case of people being found decapitated they find that one of the bodies (a female) was that of a vampire.  When going further in their investigation it leads them to a vampire hunter named Gordon Walker who's been tracking down and killing vampires since his sister was taken by one when he was younger.  The story takes a strange twist when Sam is kidnapped by a group of the vamps lead by Lenore in order for them to explain that they are different from other vampires and don't kill humans.  That leaves the boys in a situation for the first time where they question whether all monsters have to be killed and whether Gordon might be the real monster.  (She eventually gets offed in the Season 6 episode "Mommy Dearest" anyway)


Emmanuelle Vaugier (Madison: Season 2, Episode 17 "Heart")
 Ok so I'm cheating a bit with this one as Madison was actually a werewolf and not a vampire but fact is the shows budget is so cheap that their version of "werewolf" is just a regular person with vampire fangs and blue contacts thus making her probably the hottest werewolf ever (she looks more like the classic style vampire then the actual vampires on the show do).  This episode really tugs at your heart strings and you really feel for Sam who is forced to kill her after getting to tag that just the night before thinking she had been cured.

 Mercedes McNab (Lucy: Season 3, Episode 7 "Fresh Blood")
Poor Lucy, in an episode which would make a great commercial for not doing drugs Lucy was just a party girl who will apparently take anything a random guy at a club gives her.  In this case he spiked her drink with vampire blood turning her into one of the undead.  Upon turning, instead of staying put and waiting as she was told, she went on a blood hunt that lead the Winchester boys right to her.  After capturing and interrogating her Dean decapitates her.  This marks the second time a "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" alum appears as a vampire in this series as she played the vampire "Harmony" in both the Buffy and Angel series.

 Katie Chapman (Season 3, Episode 7 "Fresh Blood")
In the last hurrah of vampire hunter Gordon Walker he is turned into a vampire by a vamp named "Dixon" as a form of poetic justice.  Before Gordon would allow himself to be killed he wanted to first take out Sam Winchester.  In order to get the Winchester boys to come to him he kidnaps this women and tells them if they don't show up she dies.  Of course it's a trap and she's already been turned to keep Dean busy. 

 TwiHard Fans (season 6, Episode 5 "Live Free or TwiHard")
 In this episode real vampires are using the Twilight craze as a coverup to get easy victims.  Specifically they are turning handsome young men then training them to act like "Edward Cullen" types to lure hot teenage girls and turn them who would then go and do the reverse as hot vampiresses (above).  Dean being the "pretty one" of the guys gets targeted by the head vampire and turned (which Sam let's happen and leads to tension between the two for much of the season).  That lets Dean hunt the vampires from the inside, killing all of them before he is eventually cured (which leads to the question of why couldn't they cure the teenagers to?)

Paula Lindberg (Marlene: season 7, Episode 11 "Adventures in Babysitting")
OK...once again this is cheating as her and her partner (below) are NOT vampires but creatures known as "Vetala".  But just as I mentioned above when it came to Madison they're hot females with fangs and contacts who bite people so really what's the difference right?  Anyway Vetala's hunt in pairs and Marlene is the setup portion of the feeding ambush.  Working as a waitress at a truck stop her job is to find a guy that no one would notice if he went missing and drug him.

Meghan Ory (Sally: Season 7, Episode 11 "Adventures in Babysitting")
Sally is the other end of the "Vetala" duo.  Once Marlene has drugged the potential victim Sally takes them outside and finishes them off.  It's a great plan and it's a wonder we don't see more "Vetala" related media (by definition the movie "Lair of the White Worm" and the Beastmaster episode "Lara" could possibly be about types of Vetala).  As for Ory, she does play an actual vampire in the season 2 episode of the series Sanctuary entitled "Sleepers". As a teen she also starred in the Canadian teen drama "Vampire High".

Athena Karkania (Andrea Kormos: Season 8, Episode 5 "Blood Brother"

 In this episode Andrea was believed to have been killed when she got into a relationship causing a vampire pirate to leave his gang resulting in them wanting revenge.  By the end of the episode we find that not only was she not dead but she had been turned and was planning to find a way to take over crew of vampire pirates herself.  

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  1. in "dead man's blood" there's also the young traveler who gets rather sexily turned. in the episode that aired, she had no fangs. but in the promo for the episode you can find online, she has fangs.