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The Sexy Female Vamps of the "Countess Dracula" Trilogy

The Countess Dracula Trilogy is a set of 3 Seduction Cinema straight to DVD films produced by "Frontline Entertainment".  While they are promoted as 3 films of the same series, outside of the films location and Del Howison as the character "Renfield" the 3 movies are hardly related to one another other than all three revolve around female lesbian vampires. 

Vampiress Cast

"The Erotic Rites of Countess Dracula" (2001)

Brick Randall
(Scarlett Brooks)
The Title character of the film, Scarlett was a young aspiring musician who has a chance meeting with Count Dracula resulting in her being turned into a vampire.   She then spends the rest of her days trying to find a way to cure herself of the curse which she ends up finding out will require her to drink the blood of 3 virgin women in one night. 

The Victims
Nicole Liberty-Whitlock, Julie Anna Thurman & Meredith Rinehart
Scarlots three victims which were Vicki, a prostitute in a school girl uniform.  Shado, a vampire obsessed goth chick and Tiffany a girl she randomly picked up at a bar.  After Scarlet became human again and walked into the sun her body began to rapidly age (presumably to the age she was actually supposed to be).  Immediately she ran back indoors and regretted her decision.  That night is when these 3 beauties rose from their graves and turned her back into a vampire during a lesbian sex orgy. 

Countess Dracula's Orgy of Blood (2004)

Glori-Anne Gilbert (Diana)
Diana is the sister of Lord Ruthven.  The lord was cursed to be unable to feed directly on humans by a monk named Padre Jacinto.  In order to live he must feed directly from Diana after she feeds on a human (which she does a lot).  Diana is quite the active lesbian and only drinks from women she has a thing for (mostly strippers and prostitutes).  Another issue, her and her brother have eyes for the same woman and only one can make her their vampire bride. This is a VERY dysfunctional blood sucking family.

Jana Thompson (Valerie)
Valerie was the plaything of Count Dracula.  She wore a version of the Lena Romay "Female Vampire" look throughout the movie with only a pair of knee high boots and a cloak.  The running gag in the film was that every time her and Count Dracula would be close to getting intimate Dracula's daughter Martine (who doesn't like Valerie) would interrupt. Sadly, she does not fang out in the film at all.

Eyana Barksy (Martine)
She is the daughter of Count Dracula and the current mistress in charge of Renfield.   Dracula sends her to run his errands and in this case it is to resurrect Lord Ruthven and Diana.  Once the two get out of hand it eventually becomes their duty to kill them again as well.  Also like Valerie,  No fanging out from her either.

Lolana (Lillith)
Lillith becomes Diana's plaything once she sees her perform at a local strip club (at least once Diana got Lilith's abusive boyfriend out the way). After a bit of lesbian sex with her one ngith Diana uses her as a midnight snack and turns her into a vampire.  From there she seems to just keep her around as a pet literally as Lillith never actually speaks once she becomes a vampire and does nothing more than follow her around and does her bidding throughout.

Danielle Petty (Roxanne)
This is who all the fuss is over.  She is the reincarnate of a woman that the two main vampire siblings in the film got themselves staked by fighting over originally.  This time around Diana gets to her before the lord.  The lord in his anger takes out Diana and ends up killing himself once Roxanne with fangs extended asks only for Diana upon awaking.  With both gone there's nothing better than a lesbian threesome to end a movie right?

Belinda Gavin (Anne)
Anne was Roxannes roommate, best friend and lesbian lover.  She just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time taking out the garbage one night when Lord Ruthven mistaking her for Roxanne bites her and turns her into a vampire.  You can imagine how disappointed he was to find out he turned the wrong girl (not that second place in this situation is that bad).  

The Hookers
Once the destructive vampire siblings are gone all of their (mostly Diana's) victims are rounded up.  Now full vampires they're presented to the count by Martine who asks if they should be kept.  Much to Valeries dismay the count gladly excepts them.

 Blood Scarab (2008)

Monique T. Parent (Countess Elizabeth Bathory-Dracula)
The only movie in the series without the "Countess Dracula" label just happens to be the only movie that actually features "Countess Dracula", How about that to blow your mind?  Since the count is killed earlier in the movie she is actually Dracula's widow but this movie (much like the first in the series) revolves around the countess trying to cure herself of a curse.  In this case it's not that she doesn't want to be a vampire (she's quite fine with that).  She actually just wants to be able to walk in the sun while still being a vampire.  She finds through the ghost of a mummy that if she drinks the blood (also stealing the souls) of three women for the ghost that she would be granted the ability to walk in the sun. (P.S. you will not find a nicer set of legs in "B" grade movies)

3 Handmaidens
Christina Morris, Natasha Diakova, & Cindy Pucci as Samantha, Mina and Tanya
In retrospect this movie seems like a more solid reproduction of the first. With that we have our new (much hotter) version of Countess Dracula's 3 victims who after being bitten become zombie like.  Once the Countess is done for, the ghost of the mummy awards the girls to Renfield as his servants. They then reward him with immortality as they fang out and bite the franchises true star.

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