Friday, June 1, 2012

The Vampiress Episode:"The Twilight Zone"
"Red Snow"
Season 1
Episode 25 (segment 2)

The "New" Twilight Zone was a television show which aired on the CBS Network from 1985-1989.  This was a revival of the original series produced and narrated by Rod Serling which included 2 or 3 original short stories per episode.

In this episode a soviet Colonel is sent to a remote section of Siberia to investigate the deaths of Soviet officials sent there.  When he gets there he finds that all of them were drained of blood and that the reported causes of death seemed to be a cover up for something else (he suspects animal attacks).   Upon investigating the area they go to an abandoned church but when they hear a scream in the woods followed by animal noises they go to investigate just to find one of the women of the town eating a live wolf with fangs of her own.  Back in the church the Colonel sees it's full of empty coffins and that's were he learns that many of the exiles living in the town are from the Stalin era and have turned into vampires. 

Vampiress Cast

Victoria Tennant (Valentina)
Valentina was the beautiful young women living in a dark cold remote part of Siberia due to her mother being exiled by the Russian government.  At least that's what they attempted to tell the Colonel when he asked about her (as he found her VERY familiar from his younger days).  In reality it was her, not her mother that was exiled and the reason she still looked young was because she has since become a vampire who lives off the blood of the animals in the area as well as criminals who pose a danger to the town.  The townspeople consider the vampires as bodyguards in a way and will do what they can to protect them. 

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