Monday, June 18, 2012

Vampiress Review:"Vampz"

The Gist: The scorned wife of a police detective caught cheating seeks shelter with a group of women after she is kicked out of the house, unbeknownst to her that the women are bloodthirsty vampires. 

Clarification:  This is one of those movies that honestly didn't need much of a plot but forces itself to have one anyway (or several actually).  The whole deal with the relationship between Keith (the cop) and Eve (his estranged wife) is irrelevant to the rest of the story and actually makes the movie not make much sense (Keith was mad to the point of abuse in the beginning of the movie but is supposed to be the hero who saves her...WTF? Is he a jerk or a loving husband...pick one).  Other than the forced dramatic moments mentioned above the movie is pretty much a porn minus the nudity featuring sexy black women in lingerie dry humping guys before biting them.

Selling Point: See the last line of Clarification. Add that one of them is Playboy Playmate Serria Tawan (Below).

Female Vampire Factor: This film gets a Vampire Beauty Rating of 5 out of 5.  Eliminate the abused wife versus cop husband storyline and the movie is actually about 3 female vampires who run a brothel that take in a lost soul who one of the vamps or vampz (specifically "Lillith" played by Tawan) wants to have a lesbian relationship with.  That makes it sound MUCH better.  
Sierra Tawan as Lilith, Tawanna Browne as Delilah & Chantal Lashon as Cleo
In the end though the good guys prevail (sort of).  While they thought they got to Eve in time as you can see below, they do not.
But if you're worrying about the idea of another sexy woman in lingerie roaming the night in search of blood, don't be.  Let's just say Eve wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer (or she just didn't read her "What not to do when you become a vampire to keep you from getting killed 30 seconds after turning" manual all the way). 

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