Monday, June 25, 2012

Vampiress Review: Asylum Nights

The Gist: A young woman convinced of her brothers innocence works her way into the Asylum he is held at to help get him out unknown to her vampires are being held their as well.

Clarification:  This movies is described as a dark action comedy but suffers from trying to be too many things at once.  The jokes are juvenile and slap sticky  (tons of "poop" related humor) which just doesn't go well when you're trying to set people up for a scare or an action sequence but there is a lot of that going on here.

Female Vampire Factor: This film gets a Vampire Beauty Rating of 2 out of 5.  They're in here and since one is the main antagonist of the movie (despite how little sense it makes) it gets at least a two.

Vampiress Cast

Michelle Esclapez (Nurse Caldwell)
So she's a nurse in an insane asylum who in her spare time sleeps with the lunatics housed there.  After hooking up with the wrong one she ends up becoming a vampire and spends the rest of the movie attacking anyone she comes in contact with, turning them in the process. 

Adrienne Carlyle (Ellen Cole)
The main protagonist of the film, Ellen takes a temp job at the asylum just to try to free her brother but ends up getting caught up in the vampire outbreak.  She holds her own very well against them along with her two police cohorts but eventually gets converted herself during a brawl with Nurse Caldwell where she was bitten. 

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