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The Sexy Female Vamps of "Forever Knight"

Forever Knight was a Canadian television series which aired for 3 seasons from 1992 to 1996.  The show followed the life of Detective Nick Knight who is a vampire who is attempting to make up for things done in his past by working for the police.  While most episodes just revolved around him solving cases but many include flashbacks to when he embraced the vampire lifestyle.  Something he regrets.

Many have tried to recapture the popularity of the show including series like Moonlight and Blood Ties but none have come close as neither completed a full season.  The show is originally based on a 1989 CBS made for TV Movie called "Nick Night" starring 80's rocker and soap alumnus Rick Springfield.

Vampiress Cast

Deborah Duchene (Janette Ducharme)
From day one Janette was a major factor in the show in that she was pretty much the main female vampire in the episode.  The best thing about her was that she had absolutely no self control whatsoever regarding her blood lust and it often took Nick himself to get her to calm herself and not feed on the first person to look at her wrong.  Originally a prostitute who was turned by Lucian LaCroix after she had been beaten by her pimp she always felt being a vampire was a sign of strength and often related to humans in similar situations that she was in.  Unfortunately she left the show after the second season and the next time she would be seen was in the Season 3 episode "The Human Factor", no longer a vampire.

 Christine Reeves (Alyce Hunter: Season 1, Episodes 2 "Dark Night: The Second Chapter")
Alyce was an Archeologist in the shows first official episode.  In the episode a museum guard is killed and an artifact is stolen and Nick is put on the case to find out who did it.  She ends up becoming a target for the killer who follows her to Nicks apartment where she is eventually turned by Lucien after she offers her blood to Nick who refuses to take it.   The last you see of her is her vamping out from a window at the museum spying on Nick.

Tracey Cook (Alma: Season 1, Episode 3 "For I Have Sinned")
Alma was a frequent patron of "The Raven" (a bar owned by Janette).  In this episode Nick brings his partner Detective Schanke to the Raven while he speaks with Janette.  During this time frame Schanke decides to get to know Alma a little better which Nick advises him against.  Thinking with something other then his brain he goes back and is almost bitten before Janette stops Alma at the last second and makes sure that Schanke never comes back. 

Torri Higginson (Erica: Season 1, Episode 4 "Last Act")
Erica was a friend on Nicks from the old days.  When he covers a case about a questionable suicide, he is reminded of her who herself committed suicide via sitting in the sun.  Throughout the episode is flashbacks of their time together as well as her mindset that led to her depression and her eventual demise.

 Denise McLeod (Elizabeth: Season 1, Episode 9 "I Will Repay")
Similar to Janette, Elizabeth was a women with issues when she was turned.  In her case she had a bad skin disease and was treated pretty badly including being beaten buy some street thugs with her attackers attempting to rape her.  Nick feeling bad for her turned her just to watch her become pretty evil and vindictive (can't understand why that was a surprise but whatever) as she goes for revenge on the men who attacked her. Unfortunately She meets her demise as Nick burns her to death. 

 Jennifer Dale (Sophia Jurgen: Season 1, Episode 19 "If Looks Could Kill")
Sophia was a Baroness who in modern day was posing as a doctor who had a flawless treatment for aging.  She herself had a Elizabeth Bathory type obsession with not aging which lead her to being turned in the first place and was using her blood to keep women young.  What lead Nick to her was that many of her patience were deteriorating and dying from the treatment (or so they thought).  In a Sherlock Holmes style twist it was found out that the women were not deteriorating but in fact reverting to their actual ages when going too long without the treatment. 

 Cynthia Belliveau (Alexandra: Season 1, Episode 20 "Fatal Mistake")
 Alexandra was a bar wench that Nick fed on during his early days as a vampire.  He thought he had killed her but LaCroix unknowing to Nick came behind and turned her.  She then plotted her revenge for attempting to kill her and eventually confronts him (after initially pretending to be her own ghost to guilt Nick) and the two fight which ends with a wooden rod through her heart.

Kimberly Huie (Bridget Hellman: Season 2, Episode 4 "Bad Blood")
Hellman was a police detective caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time when she meets Jack the Ripper who happens to be a vampire.  Not understanding what to do against a supernatural being she is pretty much an easy snack for the vamp.  She eventually rises from her grave a vampire herself but it's short lived as Interpol detective/vampire slayer Liam O'neal was waiting with a crossbow.

Joanna Bacalso (Angel: Season 3, Episode 2 "Black Buddha: Part 2")
The vamp who turned Vachon (one of the shows main characters at this point).  She appears in a flashback during this episode showing her turning Vachon and "The Inca" before giving them final orders and killing herself.  (Side Note: Bacalso made her first appearance on the show as "Briana" the vampire bartender in the episode "A More Permanent Hell".

 Denise Virieux (Serena: Season 2, Episode 24 "Baby, Baby")
The only thing worse than a female who is only using a guy to get pregnant is a vampire female only using a guy to get pregnant and that's exactly what Serena was.  Serena when she was a mortal connected with Nick because of his cocky carefree attitude and often and wanted him to be her "baby daddy".  He (as usual) thought that she wanted to be a vampire (to be honest she wasn't very clear) and that's what he did.  So because a Nick a female vampire who only slept with mortal men then killed them if she didn't get pregnant was unleashed on the world.

 Diana Zimmer (Jody Fraser: Season 3, Episode 5 "Blind Faith")
 A former helicopter pilot stricken with MS Jody was part of one of the weirder plot lines of the show.  It literally revolved around her seeing eye dog becoming a vampire but still staying loyal to her though she was a mortal and protecting her. Eventually the dog turns Jody and the two live happily ever after together. 

 Krista Bridges (Jacqueline: Season 3, Episode 7 "Hearts of Darkness")
One of the better episodes (probably the best female vamp episode of the series) Jacquelines real name was Ellen Simmons.  One day Ellen finds herself with a dead guy drained of all his blood and doesn't know how she got there.  Most of the episode goes back and worth on whether she is a witness or the primary suspect but the answer ends up being that she's both.  You see Ellen is a Skitzo with 3 different personalities.  Personality #2 is a dominatrix named Monica (who sets the victims up through promises of kinky sex) well personality #3 is a blood thirsty vampire named Jaqueline.  Jaqueline is the only one of the 3 personalities who knows the other ones exist and seems to have full control on when she shows up.  When Ellen is told about the situation she isn't able to take it and jumps off the roof of a penthouse to her death. 

 Catherine Bruhier (Rita Scott: Season 3, Episode 15 "Games Vampires Play")
 When Nick is put on the case of the murder of a video game designer Rita is the guys partner.  He finds that they were in development of a vampire based virtual reality game where you act as a vampire.  Nick in thinking that the designer had put clues as to who was out to get him in the game plays the game but has a hard time as killing people in virtual reality brings back urges for him to do it in real life.  Anyway the important part here is that in the game a vampire version of Rita is the one talking you through the levels. 

Maria Syrgiannis (Francesca: Season 3, Episode 20 "Francesca")
A vamp turned by LaCroix Francesca was one of Nicks flings back in the 1700's.   It was all fun and games till she tried to share a meal with him and he realized she was murdering people to provide it.  Nick eventually kills her to save the rest who were held in a dungeon but she comes back in modern times in the body of a mortal named Frank who goes on a similar killing spree.

Kristin Lehman (Urs)
Pretty much the replacement tortured sole vampire chick of the series once Janette took off.  Though their backgrounds were very similar their idea's as far as vampire lifestyle were completely different.  Urs (Ursala) was all about helping people and was very positive and trusting whereas Jannette was a blood thirsty monster who's past experience with men made her very angry. Urs eventually met her demise at the hands of you Divia (below).

 Kathryn Long (Divia)
  Divia is the daughter of LaCroix and also his maker which isn't even the strangest thing about their relationship. As the rule I've mentioned many times in these blogs says, the younger the vampire the more evil she is and that especially is meant for Divia.  Not only did Divia kill her own maker (because she didn't want to belong to anyone) but she wanted to have her father in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE (pretty nasty eh).   LaCroix felt the same way and trapped her in a tomb.  When she was resurrected in modern times she didn't get over it that much and proceeded to find LaCroix and kill almost every vamp associated with him before Nick finally took her out. 


  1. Great post thank you, the only other one I can remember was from the episode sons of Belial, things are pretty passionate with nick and another vamp until he starts to choke her ( or something ).
    All the best, Jafula