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The Vampiress Episode: "Smallville"

Season 5
Episode 5

"Smallville" is a show that ran originally on the defunct "WB" network in the United States then migrated to the replacement "CW" network from 2001 to 2011.  The show followed the life of a young Clark Kent who grew up in the rural Kansas town with his adopted parents as he dealt with teenage life while being "different".  Clark as many comic book fans know would eventually grow up to be "Superman" with the show's final seasons leading up to that point. 

In the season 5 Halloween episode (which is told from the perspective of the character "Chloe"), Lana Lang (Clarks childhood sweetheart) decides at the last minute that she was going to enroll to college at Metropolis University.  Unable to find housing she ends up pledging the Tri-Psi sorority which is the most exclusive one on campus.  After making it into the sorority she goes through the initiation ceremony which included sorority leader "Buffy Sanders" sprouting fangs and french kissing her after cutting her tongue thus turning Lana into one of the undead. 

Chloe after noticing a difference in Lana's demeanor ends up doing some digging and finds out about Buffy's past (which goes back much farther than a college students should) and enlists Clark to help save her best friend.  The biggest problem is that Lana likes being a vampire and doesn't want to be saved and is eventually ordered to make Clark her first victim. 

This isn't the only time the character "Lana Lang" has become a blood sucker on television. In the 80's/90's kids television series "The Adventures of Superboy" there was also an episode in which she was temporarily turned into a vampire(then played by eventual "Kindred the Embraced" Vampiress Stacy Haiduk).

Vampiress Cast

Brooke Nevin (Buffy Sanders)
Buffy was the head of the Tri Psi sorority.  She became a vampire after having a run in with kryptonite exposed vampire bats and decided to turn spreading her affliction into a reward for the smartest and prettiest girls at Metropolis University.  She comes off VERY anti men and this idea is further encouraged with her very lesbianic method of initiating girls into the group.  Buffy comes to her end after going too far and threatening a Kryptonian blood filled Lana (after drinking from Clark) who destroys her with heat vision that she gained from it.

 Kristin Kreuk (Lana Lang)
Before Lois Lane, Lana was Clark's main crush.  This whole situation stemmed from her procrastinating but the result was probably one of the greatest short runs of a main character becoming a vampiress since Sophie turned in "Dracula the series".  Not only did Lana take being a blood sucker like a pro but had her first victim at a Halloween party dressed up like a sexy cat.  There is nothing more rewarding than a sexy female becoming a vampire and that female embracing it like it was the greatest thing that ever happened to her which she does. 

The Tri-Psi Girls
Erica Cerra, Keira Kabatow & Angelika Libera as the sorority girls
While there were many girls in the sorority, these were the main three that seemed to get all the attention.  Your first glimpse at the true nature of the sorority was these three girls answering the door in their bikini's much to the delight of the pizza delivery boy on the other end.  They invite him into their hot tub and just as he's thinking he has the greatest job ever they fang out and suck him dry.  I guess it's like the Joker says..."If you've got to go".

 If you can't tell by now this is definitely a "must see" episode.  You will not find a better "Vampiress Episode" on any show that will top this one.

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