Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Vampiress Episode: "The New Adventures of Superboy"

"Run Dracula, Run"
Season 2
Episode 16

The Adventures of Superboy was a live action syndicated television show which aired from 1988 to 1992 starring John Haymes Newton playing Clark Kent coming into his own during his college years. Most episodes followed the regular adolescent superhero premise of Clark trying to juggle a personal life around his super hero life and despite this taking place prior to his time in Metropolis similar to its successor "Smallville" featured many prominent characters from the comics in younger form.    

It wasn't out of the ordinary that the show would swerve away from typical comic book villains and have an episode or two dealing with the supernatural.  For example in the season one episode "Succubus" 1980's sex pot Sybil Danning played a super hot cougar who happened to be a Succubus stealing the life force from men (below).

The episode "Run Dracula, Run" happens to be another of the supernatural based episodes.  The backstory is explained earlier in the second season in the episode "Young Dracula" when they meet Bryan Shelly who is a Damphir who is trying to create a serum to hold his vampire side at bay (Yep just like Vampirella has) which he succeeds in doing.  In this episode the serum gets stolen from him resulting in Shelly going full Dracula on his friends including turning Lana into his vampire bride (below).

 Lana in this series was played by a young Stacy Haiduk who is extremely unrecognizable here compared to what she would eventually look like in her older (and in my opinion much sexier) years.  The woman best known for her time on the Soap Opera The Young and the Restless who has a much more gothic look now played the vampire bride of Julian Luna on the short lived Fox night time vampire drama KINDRED THE EMBRACED.  Most recently she played a sexy werewolf prostitute named Jenny on TRUE BLOOD

Of course this wasn't the last time Lana Lang takes a bite out of Superboy on screen.  It would happen one more time on the SUPER sexy Season 5 episode of Smallville "Thirst".

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