Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Vampiress Episodes: "Dracula: The Series"

Dracula the series was a Canadian teen action drama that aired in syndication in 1990.  Reruns of the series eventually made it's American debut as one of the Sci Fi channels (now SyFy) original series upon the networks launch in 1992.

The show followed two young brothers from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, teenager Chris and adolescent Max Townsend. The boys were left by their mother (who was constantly away on business) to live with their uncle Gustav Van Helsing in Luxeumborg.  It just so happens that the town they live in is the headquarters of millionaire business man Alexander Lucard which young Max would accidentally find out is really Count Dracula in the first episode.  The subsequent episodes basically followed the format of Lucard attempting to do something bad and the boys along with young schoolgirl Sofie Metternich (who also lives with Gustav and is played by eventual veteran vamp actress Mia Kirshner), stopping him. 

The show only lasted 21 episodes but is available on DVD (it's no longer in print so consider it a collectors item).

Of course though the reason it's being listed here is that Lucard had a handful of vampire hench people with a female showing up every so often....
 but there were 5 episodes that dealt specifically with female vampires. 

Episode 5: Double Darkness
Young Max falls for an archaeologist named Gloria Cross (Laurie Paton).  Little does he know that not only is she a vampire but is also the significant other of Nosforatu who is not a fan of Lucard and can shape shift to anyone...including Max.

Episode 8: Damsel in Distress
The boys mother Eileen (Lynne Cormack) is in town to do business with Lucard.  When they find out, they storm the castle (as usual as apparently Lucard has a ban on door locks) to try to save her.  When they get there they find out that it's too late and that she has already been turned.

Episode 11: A Little Nightmare Music
Sophie meets and becomes the apprentice of the Contessa Delores de Suarez y Suarez (Gina Wilkinson) who she finds out is doing business with Lucard.  When she goes to tell the Contessa that Lucard is a vampire she is shocked to find out that the Contessa is one herself and has intentions of turning her and overthrowing Lucard. 

Episode 14: "Bad Blood"
In what's best described as a two part episode Dracula is dying from a blood disease he caught from another vampire.  It just so happens (SPOILER ALERT) that in the end we find out the vampire he caught the disease from is Sophie's new boyfriend.  As seen above Chris thought he saved his would be love interest from her new beau but lucky for everyone that wasn't the case. 

Episode 15: "Sophie Queen of the Night" 
 Lucard hires a vampire nanny of sorts to help mentor newly turned Sophie to be a proper vampiress.  Little does he know that the "nanny" has ulterior motives, all the while Uncle Gustav and crew come up with a way to get Sophie back to her old non sexy neck biting self.  (SPOILER ALERT: and sadly succeeds).

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