Saturday, June 1, 2013

Viral Vampiress: Joe Palese's "Bite Me"

"Bite Me"
Director: Joe Palese
Writer: Joe Palese
Producers: Joe Palese & Debra Lynn Hull

This is the Pilot for what I believe would have been a romantic comedy style television or internet show.  The episode follows a night in the life of  a young girl named Nikki Draac.  She has a graveyard shift job at a convenient store but hasn't done a good job of showing up on time.  It is eventually explained that Nikki as well as both her parents are vampires just trying to have as normal a life as they can with their affliction.  Her father works at a blood bank and she carries a blood pack with her as her lunch in a Barbie lunchbox.  

This particular day at work was an interesting one for her as she meets a potential love interest in a costumer named Will. Also a couple of goons attempt to rob the place and in doing so spills her blood bag all over the floor which results in her fanging out and making short work of the goons all in front of poor scared Will (But he eventually gets over it as she is still hot after all).

Nikki is played by Model/Actress Chauntal Lewis...
 Lewis in 2009 lost her left hand in a car accident which is highly noticeable in the short to the point that it is obvious they were deliberately showing it.  Personally I don't see the purpose but obviously the plan was to write her lack of a hand into the story somehow had the Pilot got picked up.  Since this was done 2 years ago and it still  hasn't then that will just be another unsolved mystery. 

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