Friday, June 21, 2013

Vampiress Review: Dracula 1979

The Gist:  It's the Story of Dracula but told starting from after leaving Transylvania.

Clarification:  Because of the fact that the story starts on Dracula's voyage to England that means there are no brides in this film.  Also Frank Langella's Dracula is more of a playboy which is a complete change from that of Christopher Lee who played the character as more of a super villain.

Selling Point: This would be Dracula if it was done on an old episode of Doctor Who (or if James Bond was a vampire).

Female Vampire Factor: You only have two.  Unfortunately the sex factor of the Hammer Horror or Bram Stokers incarnation of the film is not here which is abundantly clear when we see that poor Mina (Jan Francis) is pretty much decomposed after she has turned (which is pretty bad since she had only been in the ground a few hours by this point.

They kind of make up for it with Lucy who's seductive turn to vampirism is the main story of this version (as opposed to every other version which has Mina being the object of Drac's desires).  Lucy is played by Kate Nelligan

The first time Lucy fangs out in an attempt to bite Jonathon while in the asylum is one of the great moments in movie history as she seduces him just to see her cold black eyes open followed by her fangs.

Sadly this along with them finding her inside Dracula's coffin are the only time you get to enjoy vampire Lucy.

With that being said this was definitely made to be a date movie, and the one thing we all know about date movies is they aren't very guy friendly.  While the movie itself is VERY good; as far as the Female Vampire Factor goes it's a steady 3 out of 5.  Way more hotter versions (and way more accurate versions as well) of the Dracula story available if you're not looking for a high romance and low T & A factor for a vampire film.

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