Friday, May 25, 2012

Vampiress Review: "Bram Stokers Dracula"

The Gist: A Romanian count comes to England in order to seduce a woman who looks like his long dead lover.

Clarification:  The story of Dracula has been around for quite awhile so going over it would be redundant (especially considering how many "Dracula" films I will have gone through when all is said and done).  This particular version directed by Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather Trilogy) is probably one of the highest budgeted and successful of all time winning a few Academy Awards.  It is definitely the most accurate to the novel.

Selling Point: Random lesbian acts from Lucy and Mina

Female Vampire Factor: This Film gets a Vampire Beauty Rating of 5 out of 5.  As mentioned above this is far and beyond the sexiest "Dracula" film ever made and that includes the XXX adaptations.  It comes across very artsy so it isn't raunchy whatsoever like a Cinemax after dark film would be despite having just as much nudity. 

Vampiress Cast

The Brides
Florina Kendrick, Monica Bellucci & Michaela Bercu as the brides
I love a movie in which the Brides are more than just "vampire chicks on the side".  In this case they are Dracula's secret weapon.  While Dracula goes to England to claim Jonathon Harkers fiance Mina, these three beauties are left (unsuccessfully) to make sure Jonathon doesn't get in the way.  It had to be rough to constantly be humped and drained by 3 beautiful naked women.  Mina must have truly been something special. 

 Sadie Frost (Lucy Westenra)
Lucy was Mina's best friend and unfortunately for her the first victim of Dracula.  Not only was she the first victim but she didn't even get the "normal" incarnation, she got raped by an animal version.  Prior to dying she tries to take a bite out of her fiance Aurthur (complete with exposed breast) and post death she looks ghostly in a pretty ugly looking death dress where the vampire hunting crew lead by Dr. Van Helsing prevent her from making a snack out of a young child. 

 Winona Ryder (Mina Murray)
I've had high hopes for her to play a vampire since first seeing her as the depressed goth girl in Beetlejuice and the only downfall in this movie is that it only happens for a fleeting moment.  Despite that the scene where it does happen is fantastic as she seduces Dr. Van Helsing by bringing out her cleavage and letting him go to town.  Even better, the whole incident is being brought on by the Brides who have a psychic link to her through Mina's ingestion of Dracula's blood.  4 sexy fanged women all in one scene!


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