Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Vampiress Episode: "Paris, Je Taime"

"Quartier de la Madeleine"

"Paris, Je T'aime" is a collection of short films written, directed and starring a variety of well known and not so well known talents.   The stories do not relate to each other other than they all take place in the city of Paris.  The movies all cover different genre's and each movie is specifically identified by what part of the city it takes place. 
In the story labeled for "Quartier de la Madeleine".  A young tourist played by Elijah Wood while taking a stroll one night just happens to catch a vampiress getting her meal for the night.  She catches him and goes to attack him but suddenly stops and lets him live (my guess is that instead of fear she smells that he's actually turned on as she gives him a bit of a grin before walking away).  The boy determined to keep her around cuts himself and offers his blood willingly but she again refuses.  Now light headed he slips on a blood puddle and takes a tumble down a set of stone steps leaving him bleeding to death.  Seeing what happens the vampiress goes to him and feeds him her blood to save his life. The film ends with the vampire couple happily biting each others necks.

Vampiress Cast

Olga Kurylenko
This former Bond girl has been considered one of the hottest vampires of all time for her role in this short film by a few publications including Maxim.  Much like my views when it comes to Kate Beckinsale in Underworld, I believe the actress is extremely hot but the vampire itself still doesn't stack up to the classics.  With that being said if I did a top 20 she would be somewhere in there.  I absolutely love that she can communicate what she's thinking without saying a word. 

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