Saturday, May 26, 2012

Vampiress Review:"The Dracoola Saga"

The Gist: Two REALLY awful B movie comedies about lesbians

Clarification: In 1998's Vampire's Seduction a lesbian vampire named Dracoola needs human lesbians to quench her thirst.  In order to get them she enlists the help of the really awkward and dorky Wally Van Helsing.  Eventually the ghost of Wally's vampire hunting relative talks him into not working for Dracoola but destroying her.

In the 2003 sequel Vampire Vixens Dracoola is resurrected by another awkward and dorky guy, this time named Eugene Renfield.  Now that she's alive again she enlists Eugene to avenge her by killing Wally who became a suave business professional after killing Dracoola.

Selling Point: Dracoola's Lina Romay inspired costume in Seduction and Misty Mundae's "self love" scene in Vixens.

Female Vampire Factor: These films together get a 2 out of 5.  Seduction comes off as a practice run as it is one of Seduction Cinema's very early films and the problem with their early films is they come off pretty cheap looking (camcorder at someone's house or back yard cheap).  The positive is the amount of shots of Krause in her nude in everything but panties a cape and some boots costume.   Vixens looks much better but Dracoola (much like a consistent plot) is barely involved and the movie would be just the same if her or anything revolving around her goal of killing Wally wasn't even in it.  In reality those scenes are just filler between lesbian scenes with a lesbian job interview storyline getting much more screen time. 

Vampiress Cast

Tina Krause (Dracoola)
Despite the cover of Vixens which has a fanged Misty Mundae, Dracoola is the ONLY vampire in either movie.  She is a lazy one at that, constantly sending someone else to do her dirty work while she stays in one spots and waits (the woods in Seduction, Eugenes basement in Vixens).  Dracoola is defined by her accent of unknown origin her lack of clothes and in Vixens the ability to fly like superman.  She's not really that bright though as her demise in both films comes at the hands of eating sandwiches that Wally makes which contain things fatal to vampires.   

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