Monday, May 14, 2012

The Vampiress Episode:"Quantum Leap"

"Blood Moon"
Season 5
Episode 15

Quantum Leap was an American television show which aired on the NBC Network from 1989 to 1993.  In it a scientist after an experiment gone wrong possesses or "leaps into" different bodies in different time periods with the purpose of achieving some type of goal in that persons life.  Once he achieves what he was sent to do he would then immediately leap into someone else's body.  With every leap he hoped he would eventually make his way into his own body and time.

In this episode from the shows fifth and final season it's March 10, 1975 and Sam leaps into the body of a millionaire named Nigel Corrington.  Nigel uses his money to live as if he's a Hammer Horror type vampire complete with castle and sleeping in a coffin.  At the time period Sam leaps into Nigel's body it is just before he and his wife Alexandra are to participate in something called the "Blood Moon Ritual".  It is discovered by his watcher Al (who is deathly afraid of vampires thus freaked out this whole episode) through his computer Iggy that Alexandra will die with no blood found in her remains around this time and it's up to Sam to prevent that from happening. 

Vampiress Cast

Deborah Moore (Claudia)
Claudia and Victor are the couple who come to participate in the ritual with Nigel and Alexandra.  As the episode progresses you learn that this was a role play gone wrong and that Claudia and Victor actually believe that they are vampires. 

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