Friday, May 4, 2012

Vampiress Review: Vampire's Kiss

The Gist: An executive becomes the nightly plaything for a vampire after meeting her at a bar.

Clarfication:  Nicolas Cage is "Peter Loew" an executive with a bit of an ego problem.  One night while hanging out at a bar he eyes an attractive woman named Rachel and decides to hit on her.  They go back to his place and while having a quick roll in the hay she spouts some fangs and takes a bite out of his neck.  From that night on she owns him, preventing him from spending any time with anyone other than her and slowly driving him insane.......or does she?

Selling Point: A seductive Jennifer Beals showing skin and flashing fangs in 80% of the movie.

Female Vampire FactorThis film gets a Vampire Beauty Rating of 5 out of 5.  There is no movie without the female vamp and she is ridiculously sexy in a creepy sort of way.  I guess it's best described as "glamour creepy" instead of the stereotypical "goth creepy".  This movies ending will throw you for a total loop as well so it's well worth the time.  

Vampiress Cast

Jennifer Beals (Rachel)
Rachel is both every mans dream and worst nightmare.  She is smart and sexy but also clingy and possessive.  Being as though she is a vampire that last part is especially bad news as sneaking around behind her back (or what she would consider sneaking around) is not possible.  Then again the punishment of her stripping down, getting on top of you and sucking your blood really isn't that bad. 

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