Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Vampiress Episode: "Tales From the Darkside"

"Strange Love"
Season 2
Episode 21

Tales from the Darkside was a late night syndicated television show which aired from 1983 to 1988.  Following the premise of the Twilight Zone each episode was an original short story usually with a horror theme to it.  Unlike the Twilight Zone and many other series like it, Darkside did not have a central host who set up each episode so every episode was 100% unique other than the opening credits. 

In this episode from the shows 2nd season a doctor is summoned to an aristocrats house to take a look at his wife.  Upon inspection he finds that she has no pulse or heartbeat thus must be dead.  Despite that she wakes up and the gentleman (named Edmand) reassures the Dr. that it was her leg he came to look at and not to worry about the whole lack of pulse thing.  His professional diagnosis was that she had a broken leg and she be rushed to an emergency room immediately.  Of course Edmand is 100% against that and just asks the doctor to reset her leg which he does.  The Dr's payment is to be chained in the room with his wife to be her own personal physician till Edmond sees fit to let him go.  Lucky for the Dr. though, Edmonds wife has a thing for him so it doesn't turn out too bad for him at all.

Vampiress Cast

Marcia Cross (Marie Alcott)
The Desperate Housewives alum played the unhappy Mrs Edmond Alcott in this really really old episode (had to get that in).   You know what they say though "Every vampire bride wants to marry a doctor" and when she had her chance to sink her fangs into one that's exactly what she did.  Good thing the Doctor she fell for could fight otherwise it would have been very embarrassing for them to do all that planning behind Edmonds back just for Edmond to rip the guys head off in their epic end of the episode battle.   

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  1. Suddenly Marcia Cross is about 10x sexier with those fangs.