Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Vampiress Episode:"Young Hercules"

"The Lure of the Lyre"
Season 1
Episode 19

(I'd like to thank the commenter who brought this one up on my comments section)
Young Hercules was a television show which aired on the Fox Network for one season in 1998/99.  It was a part of the networks "Fox Kids" block of programming.  It was a spinoff of the popular shows Hercules and Xena that were already airing in syndication at the time. The show revolves around the teen years of Hercules (Ryan Gosling) and his time at an academy for warriors.

In this Episode which is a prequel type spinoff to the "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" episode of Xena: Warrior Princess,  Hercules is talked by his friend Orpheas into meeting Bacchus, the god of "Good Times".  He at first wants nothing to do with it but Orpheas changes Hercs mind when he mentions that Bacchus is a "son of Zeus" (thus making them related).  Once Hercules gets there Bacchus does his best to bring Hercules into the fold including using Orpheas to hypnotize him with his Lyre and using a girl named Eurydice to seduce him.

Morgan Reese Fairhead as Eurydice
 Initially Herc leaves but he eventually comes back with his friends Iolaus and Lilith with him.  As they party the other guests seem to sprout fangs and one of them bites Lilith.  From there it's up to Hercules to find out how to cure her before she becomes a full Bacchae.  Lucky for him Eurydice (who turns out to be a Bacchae herself) for whatever reason decides to help them.

The Bacchae

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