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The Sexy Female Vamps of the Underworld Saga

The "Underwold" franchise revolves around a vampire named Selene.  Selene is a "death dealer" which is a Lycan (werewolf) hunting squad.   As the series goes on Selene learns about her past (she was created and not born a vampire) as well as falls in love with a human who eventually becomes the first Vampire/werewolf hybrid and becomes mother to the first hybrid child.

The Franchise consists of 4 films.  Underwold (2003), Underwold Evolution (2006), Underwold: Rise of the Lycons (2009) and Underworld Awakening (2012).  The 3rd film in the series "Rise of the Lycans" being the only film in the group that doesn't follow Selenes story going forward as the film is a prequal that explains the origins of the vampire/lycan feud that the franchise is based around. 

Vampiress Cast

Kate Beckinsale (Selene)
Without a doubt Beckinsale is smoking hot and many mainstream publications have listed "Selene" as the hottest female vampire of all time but honestly I couldn't disagree more.  Selene is very much the opposite of what a sexy vampire is.  She is known for being completely covered up (only head and hands exposed) and pretty much turns away from doing anything that would be considered "sexy" or even "feminine".  For lack of a better term, she is a vampire tom boy.     I'm just thankful that she actually feeds in "awakening" which is well worth the look.

 Zita Gorog (Amerlia)
Amelia is one of the elders in the original Underworld Movie.  As the folklore goes there are 3 elders and
only one can rule at a time with the other 2 being in hibernation.  During the timeline of Underworld she was the currently ruling elder but her reign was coming to an end.  Unfortunately for her a vengeful vampire named Kraven gets to her first and bleeds her to death. 

Erika (Sophia Myles)
Erika was a vampire maiden in Underworld.  She was originally turned by the main protagonist "Kraven" but that is as far as their relationship goes.   She would prefer to be his woman and rule the vampires by his side but Kraven has his eyes on Selene instead.  Erika is best remembered as the only female vampire in the series (until awakening) who actually did something vampiric when she flew to the sealing and fanged out upon finding a human in the vampires mansion. 

Grushenka & Olga (Christine Danielle & Kaja Gjesdal)
Grushenka and Olga are the lovers of Andreas Tanis, a vampire sent into exile by one of the elders.  There time in the franchise is short but sweet as their screen time consists of a topless threesome.  Unfortunately Selene interrupts it and kills them both ending probably the greatest exile in the history of the word.  

Rhona Mitra (Sonja)
Sonja is the daughter of elder Viktor in "Rise of the Lycans".  Originally she was to be groomed as a potential elder herself but after she falls in love with a Lycan named Lucian (aka the lead werewolf in the first Underworld) and freeing him, she gets caught and is sentenced to death via sun exposure.  The significance of this being that she looks A LOT like Selene which explains why Viktor would eventually turn Selene and raise her as if she was his own daughter. Selene was actually replacing his actual daughter. 
Sonja is actually seen in a flashback in the first Underworld film but is played by Jazmin Dammak.

Luka (Tania Nolan)
Luka is a background character in "Rise of the Lycans".  She's best known as the female vampire that lets Lucian know that Sonja has been found out.  She ends up a victim of the Lycan's revenge. 

India Eisley (Eve)
Eve is the hybrid daughter of Selene and Micheal in "Awakening".  She doesn't meet her mother until she is
12 years old but they have always had an instant connection as they could see through each others eyes.  She seems to not have that same connection with her father which they presume is dead (as that is what Selena and Eve were told)  like most young vamps she is super powerful.  Like her father when she fangs out she turns into a blue demon type thing. 

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