Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Vampiress Episode:"Thrills"

"Club Plasma"
Season 1
Episode 8

Thrills was an erotic television series which aired during the adult themed "After Dark" lineup of the American TV network "Cinemax" in 2001.  The series revolved around a sex magazine called "Thrills" and the episodes followed the exploits of the different "Thrills" reporters in their attempts to get stories for the magazine.  In between scenes the show would give you sex related polls and facts that you would find in an actual magazine. 

In this episode one of the reporters named Rob is assigned to go to a nightclub called Club Plasma where there apparently is a sexy female dancer who claims to be a vampire.  It just so happens that the dancer is Robs ex-girlfriend Portia.  Rob being the cynic tries to convince Portia to stop with the vampire act but after a little private 1 on 1 time Portia convinces him that she is very real by biting him and claiming him for herself.  

Vampiress Cast

Catalina Larranaga (Portia Valera)
Catalina is no stranger to being a sexy vamp as she also played a similar role in "Embrace the Darkness 2" and she does it quite well.  I can't really understand why exactly Portia was an "ex". Especially considering Portia and Rob seemed to get along very well.  Then again casket sex with a hot brunette probably would change a man as that's a whole new different type of kinky.

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