Monday, May 7, 2012

The Vampiress Episode: Charmed

"Bite Me"
Season 4
Episode 18

Charmed was a television series that aired on the "WB" network in the United States from 1998 to 2006.  It followed the lives of 3 sisters with magical powers who seemed to always be fighting some type of evil who would try to take them out.  

In this episode Paige meets a new mysterious guy.  Little does she know that he has been sent by the vampire queen to turn her into one of the undead.  One day as she is about to go to her car she is attacked by a swarm of vampire bats and the next thing you know she is sleeping upside down hanging from the ceiling.  As her sisters find her in this odd state she turns into a bat herself and flies away.  Upon returning to the Vampire Queen she is informed that her mission is to turn her two sisters. If she can get the "Charmed Ones" as part of her coven the Queen would be the most powerful supernatural being in the universe. 

Vampiress Cast

Elizabeth Gracen (The Vampire Queen)
Miss America 1982 and former Playboy centerfold Elizabeth Gracen played the role of the vampire queen.  It's not enough for her to be the head of her vampire coven, now she wants to rule the entire underworld and she needs the powers of the "charmed ones" in order to do it.  Personally I believe it would have been easier to attack all three via the bat swarm instead of turning one (pretty easily) then hoping she can turn the other two.  The Queen spends most of the episode surrounded by servants and sending others to do her work so no real action from her.  The Queen who replaced her in a season 7 episode at least shows fangs.  

Rose McGowan(Paige Matthews)
Paige was the newest of the "charmed ones" (replacing original cast member Shannon Doherty who
played "Prue" through season 4).  In this episode she takes to being a vampire pretty quickly.  She almost immediately after being turned gives in to her blood lust and attacks her sisters.  This was a huge payoff for me as Rose McGowan has always looked like she was a sexy vampire.  The best thing being that this episode came along prior to changing her hair color which would have taken away from the experience.  


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  1. I love it that a former Miss America eventually succumbs to playing a vampire queen. Actually, I think every Miss America should be required to do that.

    Interesting that Elizabeth Gracen also appeared in "Sundown: Vampire in Retreat" although I don't remember her in it. However, the movie is notable for having one of the cutest actresses to even sport a pair of fangs, Deborah Foreman: