Monday, May 21, 2012

Vampiress Review:"She Lives By Night"

The Gist:  A Female Vampire gets amnesia after getting hit by a car.

Clarification: The lesson learned here is after you kill someone watch where you walk.   After a guy named Roger hits a hotty named Angela with his car he goes out to see if she's ok.  Of course she's fine except for the whole "not knowing who she is" thing so he takes her back to his place like a kid would with a hurt baby bird.  From there they get to know each other and Angela starts to fall for the guy.  They go on dates and he introduces her to his friends (who are really protective of him) but they seem to hit it off well.  That is until her memory starts to come back and then her sweet personality turns to possessive blood thirsty vampire really quickly. 

Female Vampire Factor: This Movie gets a Female Vampire Rating of 3 out of 5.  The more Angela gets her memory back the more powerful and evil she gets.  Problem is you have to get to that point.  Most of the movie has her dealing with the signs that she might be different.

Vampiress Cast

Liliana Cabal (Angela)
It must be hard to find out you're really a vampire.  For her it started out with dreams of her killing Roger and sucking his blood but she finally figures out why that is when Roger makes spaghetti one night (with garlic) and she has a reaction like she's going to throw up but when she gets to the mirror she has fangs. From that point on the fangs pretty much come out whenever she's close to him (or anyone else).   

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