Saturday, May 5, 2012

Vampiress Review: The Thirst: BloodWars

The Gist: A Hippie accidentally killing a bully makes him the next leader of a coven of vampires.

Clarification: A Hippie college student named Will has a thing for a girl named Jayne.  Unfortunately for the two they go to a college that looks and feels a lot like a high school so they deal with a bully daily who wants Jayne to himself.  What the two don't know is that the bully is the son of a "century" which apparently is a group of vampire killing warlock monks.  One day as Jayne is walking back to her dorm she gets attacked by the guy who ends up trying to rape her.  Will comes to her rescue and in the scuffle stabs him and kills him.  Just before passing out a seductive vampiress named Amelia takes a bite out of him in an attempt to turn him.  Now that Will has killed the son of a "century" he is next in line to lead Amelia's vampire coven and helping them in their war with the "centuries".  It's not easy though as there is a dusche bag vampire who wanted the spot and will do anything to prevent Will from taking it.

Female Vampire Factor: This movie gets a female vampire rating of 3 out of 5.  As hot as Amelia is there needs to be much more including her getting naked to make this movie watchable.  The holes in this film are THAT frustrating.  Questions like "Why does this school not have any security?" or "Why hasn't Will ever taken his shirt off to realize he has abs until now?" or "IF this movie is called "Bloodwars" why does it mostly take place inside a school cafateria?" aren't the dumbest ones that will come to mind while sitting through this film.  

Vampiress Cast

America Olivo (Amelia)
Amelia is the right hand of the vampire coven leader Julien.  She helps Will in defeating the bully because the vampire who was next in line to lead the coven isn't a big fan of hers so him being in charge is a bad thing.  After it's determined that Will is the next in line Amelia acts as his vampire mentor helping him reach his full potential in preparation for the "war"'.

The 3 Sisters
Tiffany McFarland, Cyd Shulte & Mary Votava
The 3 sisters are the other female members of Juliens vampire coven.  They don't have much of a purpose other than hanging around in the background of select scenes and randomly whispering things in almost unison.  The positive is when they are on camera, the fangs are usually out.  They may or may not have some type of psychic ability as they can sense that Will is more powerful than he even realizes.



  1. Very nice, any possibility to a link to a clip? Thanks for posting.

  2. Your detailed focus on the female vampires is most appreciated.