Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Sexy Female Vamps of Moonlight

Moonlight was a television series that aired on the CBS network in the United States during the 2007 - 2008 television season.   It followed the life of Mick St. John, a private investigator who happened to also be a real live vampire.  During the run of the show it mostly delved into him fighting his feelings for a reporter named Beth Turner (Vampiress vet Sophia Miles).

While the show had it's following, I personally saw it as a modern knockoff of the 1990's Canadian vampire drama Forever Night.  Had they just labeled it a remake it probably would have lasted longer than one season.

Vampiress Cast

Played by Holly Valance, Lola was the first female vampire to appear on the show.  In Episode 6 entitled "B.C.", she is the mastermind behind a drug ring where she sells vampire blood to people.   Vampire blood when ingested gives people heightened senses and feelings of euphoria but is also highly addicting thus very dangerous.  An investigation on a young models death (via overdosing on vampire blood) is what lead to the entire operation being unraveled.  Luckily she goes out fighting with fangs blaring. 

Caroline Duvall

Played by Shannyn Sossamon, Caroline was Micks wife and the woman who turned him.  Thought to have been killed a long time ago she reappears as a human under the name "Morgan".  A fact that is found out the hard way when Beth almost kills her.  She eventually admits to her true identity and discloses that she was cured of her vampirism.  The cure was temporary as her fangs and bloodlust eventually return.  Unfortunately the series never truly gets to go into her story which is a shame. 

Emma Monaghan
Stephens as a Dominatrix in the 2001 film Tomcats
In the series finale of the program titled "Sonata" Heather Stephens plays Emma, a vampire who gets herself into trouble when she murders a basketball player with vampires ties.  When she does she threatens the safety of all vampires in L.A. when she blackmails Mick into breaking her out of jail.  If he doesn't she will expose every vampire she knows.  This obviously wasn't a very brilliant idea and ends up paying for it dearly once she is out.

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