Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Vampiress Music Video Bananarama's "Venus"

True Confessions
Produced in 1986

One thing many of these "Vampiress music videos" I blog about have in common is the fact that the songs stand the test of time but the video's don't.   Going on 30 years later people will remember "Venus" as the shaving commercial song or for the group itself despite it being one of the best video's of the early MTV generation. 

The music video for "Venus" doesn't have much of a premise as much it does a theme.   That theme is powerful woman of folklore.   Throughout the video the three members of the group are seen in various costumes including goddesses, a mermaid and a devil.  In most cases they are surrounded by men either groveling to them or just plain dead. 

The member we're going to concentrate on is Keren Woodward.  Keren is our vampire in this video.  We see her in two forms as her other has her with long dark hair and a bat shaped cape that she flaps around in 

but the main vampire scene is the one we'll concentrate on.  

In it a guy rescues a young red head (Woodward) from a casket, he holds her in his arms resulting in her getting a perfect spot to fang out and bite his neck.  
 From there she dances to the song and eventually returns to her casket.  


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