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The Sexy Female Vamps of "The Vampire Chronicles"

Based on the Anne Rice Novels the Vampire Chronicles consisted of two movies, 1994's "Interview With the Vampire" and 2002's "Queen of the Damned".  Both films were tied together through the character "Lestat" who went from feeding off of villagers without remorse during the black death era of Europe in the 1300's to becoming the lead singer of a goth rock band in the modern day United States.  These movies during their time were quit comparable to what Twilight eventually became but with a much more mature audience and definitely fall into the category of "chick flicks".   While their are countless nameless faceless female vamps in both movies, as normal we will only concentrate on those who get real screen time.

Vampiress Cast

Interview With the Vampire (1994)

Kirsten Dunst (Claudia)
So she can't really be defined as hot during the time period of this movie but as you can see Kirsten developed quite well just a few short years later.  As I've said during many other blogs the young vampires are usually the most dangerous and that goes for Claudia as well.  Turned by Lestat after his companion Louis wouldn't kill her she became a cold blooded killer in no time.  As she got older in years but not in body she become more and more unstable and you can probably go as far as to say she ran Louis until her death at the hands of the french vampires.

Domiziana Giordana (Madeleine)
 Eventually Claudia gets tired of the whole "My Two Dads" routine and decides that she wants a mother figure in her life so she goes out and creates herself one and springs her on Louis.  Louis (because this movie has soooo many homosexual undertones it's not even funny) is totally against the idea and is very angry with Claudia.  None of it matters though as the vamps the two tried to fry in France come back for revenge and burn both her and Claudia in daylight. 

Queen of the Damned (2002)

Aaliyah Haughton (Queen Akasha)
Akasha was the mother of all vampires.  Because of this she couldn't be killed by standard means with the only means of destroying her being for another vampire to suck her dry.   She was brought back to life by the music of Lestat and she found that his care free attitude about angering the other vampires of the world by outing them refreshing (since she considered the fact that they were hiding in the first place a sign of weakness). Many believed that this movie would have put Aaliyah on the map as an "A" list actress even after the fame she had already achieved as an R&B artist had this movie not come out a little less than a year after her 2001 death in a plane crash.

Lena Olin (Maharet)
The aunt of main character Jesse who she reunites with when Lestat brings her into the inner sanctum of the vampire world.  Maharet had been watching over Jesse from afar and looked exactly the same as Jesse remember her from her childhood prior to her disappearing.  Maharet would eventually marter herself (spoiler) she is the one to drink the last drop of the queen Akasha's blood to destroy her which as a side effect turned her to stone.

Marguerite Moreau (Jesse Reeves)
The "doesn't know when to stop for her own good" paranormal researcher who develops an obsession with Lestat down to translating all of his song lyrics and entering a vampire run hideout on her own.  She eventually finds out not only does Lestat feel the same about her but her aunt Maharet is also a vampire who is out for her own good.  Jesse ends up being turned to a vampire by Lestat when Akasha tries to get him to kill her.

Claudia Black (Pandora)
 Pandora is a pretty minor character in the Queen of the Damned film but is actually a major character in the "Vampire Chronicles" universe even having her own book in the series titled "Pandora".  She is one of the vampires who attacks Akasha toward the films end. 

 coming soon....

Anne Rice announced during the spring of 2014 that a new book featuring Lestat will be released in October.  With that came rumors of a reboot of the Vampire Chronicles movies with the possibility of Robert Downy Jr. being the next to play the vampire Lestat.  Who knows what the future will bring but I'll update as soon as any more info is learned.

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