Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Sexy Female Vamps of the "Embrace the Darkness" Saga

 Embrace the Darkness is basically softcore porns answer to the "Subspecies" series of vampire films from the 90's.  It basically follows the same premise which is the life of a girl who becomes the obsession of a vampire who stalks her and eventually turns her but he is killed and then her struggles to learn the way's of vampirism from other sometimes not so nice vampires.  Not much else to say other than here's the T & A.

Embrace the Darkness (1999)

(Angelia High)
The premise of the fiirst film is Miranda lives with another vampire named Galen.  While Galen is the "Good" vampire who likes to drink from blood bags and not hurt anyone.  Miranda is a classic softcore porn vampire IE she likes to have lots of sex and basically eat who she screws when she's done. 

Jennifer (Madison Clark)
The object of Galens affection she freaks out when she finds out what he is, gets herself hit by a car and he turns her to save her.  After drinking her best friends blood and having a guilt trip fit on the guy for what she's become he commits suicide and she's stuck as a vampire knowing absolutely nothing about how to live like one and now has to spend the next two movies learning the ropes and changing actresses.

Embrace the Darkness 2 (2002)

(Renee Rea)
Now Jennifer is a full fledged vampire and decides to leave her old look and life behind for the big city where she eats people and throws them in the dumpster much to the chagrin of some of the other vamps in the area.  Luckily since they were friends of Galen they volunteer to show her the ropes.

Lizzie (Catalina Larranaga)
A vampire older than Galen she takes in Jennifer to live with her and her male fledgling Jack but when the two get too comfortable together she gets jealous and decides that Jennifer is competition that needs to be taken out.


Embrace the Darkness 3 (2002)

(Brooke Larele)
Now Jennifer knows what she's doing and has pretty much become what Lizzie was, an uncaring bitchy power hungry vampire bent on becoming the strongest vampire alive (also she's back to being a brunette).  She's definitely come a long way from the winy constantly crying character she was in the first film.

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