Sunday, January 5, 2014

Vampiress Review: Once Bitten

The Gist:  A Vampire Countess must drink the blood of a virgin 3 times before Halloween or loose her youth.

Clarification: This film is more of a guilty pleasure more than it is a "must see".  It's a comedy which pretty much mocks the "impurity" or Los Angeles in the 1980's as High School senior "Mark" is the only virgin in the entire city and is trying his best to not be while the countess is busy trying to get her drinks in before that happens.

Selling Point: A Young unknown Jim Carrey and lots of supermodel vampire cleavage from Lauren Hutton.

Female Vampire Factor:  The positive about this film is that it is about a female vampire.  One who happens to be played by a former supermodel and is very seductive (at least for a comedy).  The negative is there is no real blood drinking other than those related to the main plot and you never actually see those bites.  That means no fangs.  Well with the exception for this scene during the movies end confrontation....

Hutton isn't the only female vampire in the film.  As the countesses story goes each of the virgins she bites in order to keep her youth eventually become vampires themselves and she takes them under her wing (apparently as a reward).  When we meet those who pretty much act as henchmen and women that includes two females played by Robin Klein and Carey More (below)

They don't do much in the film other than hang in the background as eye candy and you do get full back nudity (impressive right) but otherwise you're not getting too much out of this film vamping wise so I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 2 out of 5.  If you like cougar cleavage, this is your film, otherwise not much to offer.

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