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Anime Vampiress: Rosario + Vampire

Rosario + Vampire is a Manga (comic book) and anime series in Japan.   It follows the story of a young human boy named Tsukune who gets enrolled in a school for monsters and makes friends with a vampire named Moka who quickly falls for him (but since they're in high school Tsukune is very standoffish about his true feelings and tries to keep things friendly).  Moka and Tsukune both have similar pasts as Moka once lived in the human world and was an outcast similar to how Tsukune is in the monster world and she helps protect Tsukune and keep his secret (as it's illegal and very dangerous for humans to be in the monster world as many of them feed on humans).  As the story progresses many different other female monsters attempt to get in between Tsukune and Moka as they want him for themselves and the group together end up joining the schools newspaper club which leads them on several adventures.

OK that was the cut and try of it.  Now the true gist of it is that the anime version of this series was pretty much pervy T & A often being filled with scenes of panty shots and breast groping and normally ending with Moka biting Tsukune.  In fact the second season of the show had a lot of frontal nudity but really that's what most anime's are.  Especially ones about school girls.  Heck one of them is a large breasted blue haired succubus who attempts to molest Tsukune at any opportunity (and even her mother is eventually introduced who also tries to molest the lucky kid).

but this isn't about them it's about the female vampires and that's what this show is all about so that brings us to Moka.
As you can see above Moka has two distinctly different personalities.  You have the giggly happy loving more human like pink haired Moka who is always around and then you have the deep voiced, straight shooting, butt kicking white haired Moka who only comes out when the rosary is removed from her neck (which only Tsukune can do apparently).  The white haired Moka aka "inner Moka" is her true form that was repressed in order for her to live among humans but both are very much aware of each other but do not act as if they're the same person but both having a thing for Tsukune.  "Inner Moka" only really comes out during boss fights at the end of episodes of the anime as she is the more powerful of the two and can normally defeat other monsters in battle when it comes to that quickly.  It's even revealed during the 2nd season of the anime that the 2 Moka's are competing with each other over the affections of Tsukune who seems to prefer outer Moka.

In the second season Moka's little sister Kokoa is enrolled in the school.
 Kokoa who grew up along with and idolizing "Inner Moka" absolutely despises the nice cute pink haired version and wants her destroyed.  Being a vampire herself she's considered very powerful and hard to stop but her personality turns tame very quickly when "Inner Moka" emerges as her entire attitude is based on "Inner Moka" going away and her hatred for "Outer Moka" and everyone she's associated with.

Now I've pretty new to the whole anime game but felt that this was a great place to start with adding them to this site as I REALLY liked this series.  Also the one thing that comes with anime is fans who cosplay as the characters in the series.  Though a thouroghly would have enjoyed finding someone sporting Inner Moka's costume from the 2nd season of the shows end credits (BELOW)
 anyway chicks in fangs and school girl uniforms work just as well.

COSPLAY (outer Moka)


 COSPLAY (Inner Moka)

 COSPLAY (Kokoa)

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