Thursday, June 27, 2013

Viral Vampiress: Imogen

Imogen (above) is the name of a aspiring model and actress out of the UK who currently has her own YouTube channel which you can view HERE.  Her channel consists of mostly video blog style updates in which she gives her opinion on various things.

The one thing that does stand out about this European lovely is that she is a bit of a Horror/Sci Fi nerd and if there is one thing that men love it's a smoking hot nerd (Since hot nerds do things like THIS and THIS. I mean honestly, she's cooking in sexy sci fi costumes, that's dream girl material).  Anyway, before I lost my train of thought, She has posted three vampire related updates which the pics above are taken from (below).

In this update she dawns a pair of fangs as she reads gothic literature for Halloween.

The Vampires: Imogen and Cathy act out a vampire scenario

The Vampire -  A Short Film: Imogen slowly turns into a vampire
If you like what you see subscribe to her YouTube channel.  With the popularity of these updates I'm sure there is more to come.

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