Thursday, May 30, 2013

Preview for Season 6 of "True Blood"

Here is the official preview for Season 6 of the HBO series "True Blood" which premieres Sunday June 16th @ 9PM Eastern.

A quick recap: The last thing we saw at the end of Season 5 (outside of the super escape attempt of all the main characters from the Vampire Authority headquarters) was a nice make out session between Pam and Tara and you can't really go wrong with vampire lesbianism (at least in my mind you can't).

Outside of that there is that whole thing with Bill being possessed by the spirit of a hot naked vampiress.

and lets not forget that the season starting with Jessica doing this....

In reality season 6 will probably be based around the humans new found hatred for vampires and finding out who "owns" Sookie but as you can see above, the side stuff is normally WAY more interesting than the main story anyway.  If you're not familiar with the kind of eye candy there has been on this show check out my rundown HERE.  IF you need to catchup with season 5 before the start of Season 6 it's just been released on DVD which you can purchase below.

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