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The Sexy Female Vamps of "Being Human" (North American Version)

Being Human is a cable television series which has aired on the SyFy channel since 2011.  It is loosely based on a British series of the same title which has aired on BBC Three since 2008.

The story follows the lives of three beings of supernatural origin who through coincidental circumstances end up aligned with one another.  You have Sally (Meaghan Rath who is no stranger to playing a vampire as you can see HERE) who is a ghost stuck in the house she was murdered in which is now inhabited by two guys who both have the ability to see and communicate with her because of the fact that they are supernatural as well.  Then you have Josh a guy who was turned into a werewolf after a camping trip gone wrong who has attempted to run from his former life which ended up bringing him to Boston; and finally Aiden.  A tortured vampire who is attempting to change his ways and get away from the vampiric lifestyle which is how he met Josh (he saved him from being beat to death by his fellow vampires).

Though the story never strays too far from the main 3, as the series goes on it tends to have more and more issues that deal with their specific supernatural brethren.  For us that means that Aiden gets to meat up with more vampires from his past and then some (though not too often).

Sarah Allen (Rebecca Flynt)
Rebecca is a one night stand Aiden had.  Unbeknownst to him his maker took the liberty of turning her after Aiden got done draining her and in return Aiden got a stalker who believed the two could be together for all eternity and even turned a kid so they could have a family.  Being that she was a head case vampire life didn't turn out well for her emotionally and an end was put to her misery in the shows first season.

Nancy Ann Michaud (Jenny, Season 1: Episode 12)
Jenny was a hospital worker where Josh and Aiden work who was turned and recruited to kill Aiden in Season 2.  As what happens with most fledgling vampires in her situation they make short work of her.

 Deena Aziz (Mother)
Mother his the head of all vampires and is basically all business.  So much so that when her daughter exposes her fangs in front of humans in a jealous rage at a party sometime in the beginning of the 20th century she has her grounded (buried alive).  She eventually revives her in order to make her next in line to succeed her but ends up killing her when she in turn wouldn't kill Aiden.  Definitely not Carol Brady.  I'm thinking she got her mothering skills from alien queen Anna from the series "V".

Dichen Lachman (Suren, Season 2)
 As described above Suren is the sexy yet unfortunate daughter of "Mother".  She had been underground for decades after feeding in public on the woman her boyfriend had been cheating on her with out of rage in the middle of a dinner party but was released in order to take over the vampires of Boston and eventually succeed Mother in leading all vampires with Aiden being selected as her #2 in command.  Eventually the two became lovers as well as business partners and things seemed to be going perfect until Mother banished Aiden and she was eventually forced to kill him.  Of course she didn't and she got a stake to her heart instead. 

Oluniké Adeliyi (Cecilia)
Cecilia is a police officer that Saren turned in order to have someone on the inside of the police force.  She originally wanted Aiden to do it but he refused (maybe he's just not into black girls as she was coming on to him kind of hard).  Unfortunately like many fledgling vampires on shows like this she got cocky and was eventually captured and mauled to death by a pack of werewolves. 

Janine Theriault (Blake, Season 3)
 Blake is a vampire that Aiden meets at the hospital who is feeding on one of his patients regularly.  She tells them that the two have a deal in which she gets to feed on him regularly and in return she will turn him when he turns 18.  Problem is that she is taking too much and Aiden being the moralistic vamp he is steps in to save the kids life.

Jessica Malka (Sadie)
In Season 3: Episode 11: Sadie is a stripper who gives Josh a lapdance as Aiden and the boys throw him a bachelor party.  She also happens to be a vampire and attempts to take a bite out of Josh after smelling that he's a werewolf.  Luckily Aiden is there for him with a stake to save the day. 

 Katharine Isabelle (Suzanna Waite)
In a bit of brilliant casting in my honest opinion of the sexiest movie werewolves of all time Katharine Isabelle made her debut during the shows fourth and final season of the series as Aiden's long believed dead wife Suzanna.  As the story when she was believed to have been murdered by the townspeople for harboring a demon (aka Aiden) she was actually saved and turned by the same vampire who turned him.  She became a self hating vampire after she ended up feeding on her own son as her first victim and spent the rest of her life hunting and killing other vampires.  She shows up in Boston finally able to face Aiden and wanting to change him to be more human like.

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