Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Being Humans" ghost is really a female vampire?

"You are so Undead"
Director: Alex Epstein
Writer: Lisa Hunter
Producers: Antonello Cozzolno, Mélissa Pietracupa, Nitromax Inc

One of the biggest issues I had with the show "Being Human" was that a show about a ghost, vampire and werewolf HAD to make the hot girl the ghost and not the vampire.  Leave it to Canada to do right what the US and UK got wrong.  In the short film "You are So Undead" Canadian actress Meaghan Rath who plays Sally Malik in the US version of the British series plays a young girl who went a bit too far with a vampire.

Meaghan Rath
  When she realizes what happened she heads straight to the ladies room and confides in her nerdy friend (played by Erin Agostino) who wants to know what it's like.   Erin convinces Meaghan's character to bite her and after Meaghan gets a little too into it (Yeah!) wakes up a vampire herself and declares that she can't believe that she's......A LESBIAN!  This short was downright awesome from beginning to end.  If only this was how all lesbians were created.

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