Saturday, April 14, 2012

Viral Vampiress: Vampire Chick Flicks done right

So one of the biggest complaints from me (and most of the worlds male population) is how the vampire genre has gone from horror movies about seductive men and woman who reel you in with their good looks and charm just to take a chunk out of your neck when it's too late to being about male models drooling after teenage girls and talking about their feelings.   Well a few viral film makers have done something about it. (well, the porn industry has as well, as I've already reviewed but you know what I mean).

All Female Interview With the Vampire
Directed by Percy Leon he does a fantastic job of recreating the "Lestat teaching Lousie to feed" scene from the "you better get some for sitting through it" homo erotic chick flick that was Anne Rice's "Interview with the Vampire".   I've got to say, I can totally understand why women loved this movie when you show it this way. By the way Leon is very good at this sort of thing and has said that he is considering working on a vampire web series.  Check out this scene he did inspired by the final scene of Nosferatu (with all females of course).

Twilight: For Guys!!
Brought to us by the great folks at  This is more of a parody of the Twilight phenomenon and fan base more than the movie itself.  In it we see random guys outside of the theater excitedly talking about seeing Twilight and describing some of their favorite scenes (which is now a movie about lesbians in their underwear which we get clips of).  Again, it's totally understandable why it's such a big deal now that it's put in terms I can understand.  Like girls in their underwear kissing.  Especially when the vampire looks like Sarah McDowd.
Recently they uploaded the follow up "Twilight Breaking Dawn: For Guys" which is no where near as hot as the original and quite creepy really (anything with a quote like "pregnant sex is like fat sex" and "I worry about the strap-on with the demon baby inside her") would be.  

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