Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sexy Female Vamps of "My Babysitters a Vampire"

"My Babysitter's a Vampire" is a TV Series out of Canada which began airing in 2011 and is currently in it's second season.   It follows the life of a teenage boy named Ethan and his awkward high school life where he not only has to deal with being unpopular but also having a babysitter who is the same age as he is who happens to also be a hot female vampire. Here is your rundown.

 Played by former teenage beauty queen Vanessa Morgan, Sarah is the "Babysitter" that the shows title is referring to.  All her problems started in the film of the same name in which she found out that her boyfriend was a vampire and had turned her without her knowledge.  The first season of the show concentrated on her attempts to not fully transform (she had the fangs and some of the powers but would not be a full vampire until she drank human blood).  Eventually to save Ethan's life in the season 1 finale, she was forced to drink his blood which had been poisoned after being bitten by her vampire ex-boyfriend thus completing her transformation. 

 Erica is played by singer/actress Kate Todd (doesn't everyone who's appeared on the Disney Channel fall under that category though).  Erica is the super cliche who is very much comparable to a rated G version of True Bloods Jessica Hamby.  She started off a nerd obsessed with vampire romance movies (by nerd that means hot girl with glasses and a pony tail).  After getting turned into a vampire by drinking vampire blood at a party then drinking the blood of fellow nerd "Rory" she dropped the glasses and pony tail and became a vixen.  Most episodes consist of the rest of the crew preventing her from biting someone out of spite or revenge or just because she feels like it. 

Vampire Nurses
 In the season 1 episode "Blood Drive"  two nurses are running a blood drive at the school.  What Ethan eventually finds out through his psychic ability is that the nurses running the drive are actually vampires and the blood collected is actually being used for food (good thing he had the hots for "Hot Nurse" Annie to let him get close enough to sense it). To make matters worse, Erica (who is unaware of the nurses true identities or intentions) has the same idea for the bloods use and decides to sneak in to the ambulance holding the stock and eventually gets caught and along with Rory was held hostage by "Old Nurse".  After a vampire chick fight scene they were saved when Ethan negotiates his "special blood" (see True Blood "Sookie" folk lore to explain that) in exchange for his blood sucking friends.    
Kristin Adams as Annie aka "Hot Nurse"
Amy Lalonde as "Old Nurse"

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  1. It's encouraging that the Hot Nurse has canine fangs because the girl's fangs on the lateral incisors don't do anything for me (a la True Blood, meh.) Maybe in Season II as the girls mature they begin to grow quad fangs as part of the vampire aging can only hope.