Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Vampiress Episode: Weird Science
"Gary and Wyatt's Bloodsucking Adventure"
Season 4 
Episode 19

 Weird Science was a television show which aired from 1994 to 1998 on the USA Network in the United States.  The show which is based on the 1985 movie followed the exploits of two computer nerds named Gary and Wyatt who created a woman with their computer who has magical powers.  The ultra sexy magic genie named "Lisa" grants them wishes every week that seem to turn around and bite them in the butt.

Well in this episode from season 4 it almost happened literally.  After not being allowed in a club called "Club Lust" Gary and Wyatt ask Lisa to make them vampires (you know like Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise) so they can get into the club and hypnotize women.  Lisa makes a deal that the only way she'll do it is if they forgo the whole blood lust thing which she replaces with lust for the chocolate drink "Yoo-Hoo" (Hey, it's the 90's) and off they go.

In the end we find out that all the patrons of the club were ACTUAL vampires who don't take too kindly to the three when they find out that blood isn't their thing.  

Vampiress cast

British Actress Vanessa Angel plays Lisa, the computer generated genie who gives the boys their powers.  She has also given herself the vampire abilities as well but she flashes her fangs only once and you barely see them.  I guess the PVC mini dress and over the knee boots is vampire enough.  If you're disappointed by that you can always check out the 2004 vampire movie Out For Blood which she is also in.

After playing the space version of legendary softcore porn character Emmanuelle, Krista Allen plays Annabel,  A frequent patron of Club Lust who takes a liking to Wyatt.  He thinks that it's because he's hypnotized her but instead he eventually finds out that she too is a vampire and that's what has attracted her to him.  Unfortunately for him she's the blood drinking kind and not the Yoo-Hoo drinking kind and isn't too happy when she finds out that their taste in meals is different.  She flashes her fangs A LOT in this episode.


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