Monday, April 9, 2012

Sexy Female Vamps of "Twilight"
The Twilight Saga are a set of 5 films based on books of the same names.  They are categorized as teen romance films and that along with the fact that there isn't really too much character turn around, no fangs and the films are just generally hard to watch and that explains why I"m doing the run down this way and not 5 individual reviews like I would normally do movies. The series might have been better off done as a TV series similar to the Vampire Diaries (which has fangs) but even I can't deny that this series is making way too much money for any complaints about it to be valid.  Anyway the story revolves around a really boring girl named Bella who is in love with a really boring "vampire" named Edward while her childhood friend (and werewolf) Jacob tries to win her over.  Since these "vampires" are seemingly just pale humans with an eccentric diet (they drink animal blood) and really sexy eyes (see there was a positive), this will just be a character rundown (as to not bore this blogs demographic with clips of really long drawn out dialog that goes absolutely no where).

Alice Cullen
Played by Ashley Green, Alice is the best friend of Bella once her romance with her adopted brother starts.  She also has psychic abilities and a really trendy haircut.  She's like the Jennifer Aniston of vampires I guess.  She's also the only Cullen you can see with fangs thanks to Ashley making public appearances with them thus making her my favorite.

Rosalie Hale
The bitchy blonde of the family who didn't warm up to Bella too well in the beginning.  She has a troubled past which I guess explains her bitchiness. Rosalie is played by not very blonde Nikki Reed.

Esme Cullen
Esme is the mother of rest of the group.  Well, mother in that she cared for them after they were turned into non vampires and protects them as if they're her own.  Like everyone else there is a sob story behind her getting turned leading to her personality quirk.  In her case she lost a child.  Esme is played by Elizabeth Reaser.   

Played by Rachelle Lafevre (left) and Bryce Dallas Howard (right). Victoria was one of the few vampires in the series that might actually resemble what a vampire is by definition.  Though just as sappy as the rest she DOES drink human blood.
Unfortunately her purpose in the movie is as the "Wyle E. Coyote" to Bella Swans "Road Runner."

First I have to wonder;  Dakota Fanning has grown up to be pretty damn hot.  If we're going to get her to play a vampire why are we aging her backward and covering her up?   Anyway Jane is one of the main representatives of the Vulturi who are like a vampire governing body.  They get sent to Forks due to all the BS that's going on in the town over Edward and Bella and the different mess they get into.  Since she was a witch in her former life she has the very "Ghost Rider" like ability to make people experience her death (she was burned at the stake) with her mind. 

Bella Swan
After three and three quarter movies of back and forth, in Breaking Dawn part 1, Edward and Bella get married, Bella gets pregnant and in order to save her gets turned and they have a human/vampire hybrid baby (and if we haven't learned anything from movies, it's that the baby is going to grow up to wear black leather and hunt vampires like Blade and Bloodrayne who were also Damphyre).  Bella is played by the ok looking and extremely leggy Kristin Stewart who was pretty pale as it is so not much of a difference between Human Bella and Vamp Bella to me.

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