Monday, December 12, 2011

Celebrity Halloween costume contest

Halloween is one of the best times of year as you can't go to a Halloween party anywhere without finding at least one girl in a sexy vampire costume.  Celebrities obviously are no different so who do you think made the sexiest Halloween celebrity vampiress?

Karlie Kloss & Abbey Lee (Fashion Models)

Alyson Michalka (Singer/Actress)

 Andrea Parker (Actress: Pictures are From Heidi Klums Halloween Party)

 Christina Millian (Singer/Actress)

 Ciara (Singer)

 Eliza Dushku (Actress)

 Erin Marie Garrett (Model/Lingerie Football Player)

 Heidi Klum (Model/Host)

 Kat Graham (Actress "Vampire Diaries")

Kelly Ripa (Talk Show Host)

Kim Kardashian (Singer/Actress)

Lady GaGa (Singer)

 Lindsay Lohan (Singer/Actress)

 Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon (Daughter of pop star Madonna)

 Leanne Amos (Hip Hop Model)

 Madison McKinley (From "The Bachelor")

 Michelle Trachtenberg (Actress "Buffy the Vampire Slayer")

 Kelly Monaco (Model/Actress)

 Alisa Farrington  (Model: From her official FACEBOOK))

Lydia Hearst (Actress)

Sara Ramirez (Actress) From Greys Anatomy 2011 Halloween Party

Renee Margot (Singer) From her album release party for "The Vampire"

Exo-Chika (Singer "Aural Vampire")

Ashley Green (actress "Twilight")

Rhona Mitra (Actress, "The Gates"/ Underworld "Rise of the Lycans) fitting fangs for "The Gates"

Maria Menounos (TV Host ) From themed dance on the 4/30/2012 edition of "Dancing with the Stars"

The Cast of "The View" (From the 2009 Halloween Episode)

Daiana Menezes (Star of the Brazilian TV adaptation of Philipino movie "My Darling Aswang" from twitter)

Nina Dobrev (Star of the Vampire Diaries, showing Conan O'brian how to be a sexy vampire)

Brittany Curran & Keana Texeira Teen Celebs from "Children Affected by Aides 16th Annual Dream Halloween Party (2009)

Hillary Shepard From "Children Affected by Aides 16th Annual Dream Halloween Party (2009)

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