Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sexy Female Vamps of "The Gates"

"The Gates" was a television series which aired in the summer of 2010 on the ABC Network in the United States.  The plot revolved around a former Chicago police chief who has relocated his family to a New England gated community to take them out of the stress and danger of the big city while taking a job as the communities police chief.  As the season went on we find out that Chief Bennett and his family were the only "normal" humans there and that the rest of the community is made up of creatures of the night such as Vampires, Witches and Werewolves struggling to co-exist.    It was a great show that fell victim to shows about singing and dancing on every other network.  Fortunately we always have DVD.   Here's the rundown of the show I like to call "Vampire Diaries with MILFS".

Claire Radcliff
Played by super hotty Rhona Mitra (aka the non Kate Beckinsale vamp from the Underworld trilogy), Claire is one of the next door neighbors of the Bennett clan.  A young beautiful house wife and mother, the first view of the series as a whole let alone this family is her seducing and drinking from a repair guy killing him which you can view HERE.  This sets the tone for her role in the rest of the series as a blood thirsty killer who is struggling to live life like a "normal" human.  A lifestyle her husband (who is also a vampire) is forcing on her for the sake of their "Adopted" (as in they drank her parents and decided to keep her) daughter.  

 Kat Russo
Played by Canadian actress Katheryn Winnick, Kat Russo was an FBI agent who came to the Gates in search of a particular resident who happens to have in his possession the secrets of everyone who lived in the community in the episode "Identity Crisis".  Chief Bennett and his crew did some digging into Russo's past to help the community hold on to their supernatural secrets just to find out that the FBI had reported Russo missing and presumed dead some years before.  That's when we find out that she is really a vampire out for revenge against the man who turned her who happens to be a resident of the Gates.  Great episode and one of the best in the short run of the show.

Vanessa Buckley
Played by Gloria Votsis, Vanessa was the mistress turned fiance of the founder of the community.  After he left his first wife for her he dedicated his life to making her happy and his love for her convinced him that people like her (a vampire) weren't all bad.  She carried that identity throughout her time on the series as she also convinces the Bennetts of the same thing (she's kind of like a vampire ambassador of sorts in the community).   In the episode "Bad Moon Rising" the couple commit to each other (meaning she will turn him into a vampire) but after she bites him she immediately turns ill and dies.   The final episodes of the show revolve around a "whodunit" regarding who poisoned her lovers blood causing her to die upon drinking it.

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  1. MILF-y Rhona Mitra looks fantastic, as well as Katheryn Winnick.