Friday, April 20, 2012

Vampiress Review: Vampiyaz

The Gist:  After a robbery gone wrong, one man goes to prison for 8 years just to be released and find out his partner who escaped is now a vampire.

Clarification:  This movie is so horrible it is actually entertainingly funny.  The "low budget independent movie" community is trying really hard to bring back the "blacksploitation" film and this is just another attempt at it.  To further elaborate on the story Kalil (the vampire) needs a magic ambulate to have unlimited power and uses the friend he let rot in jail (Jakeem) to do it. Hilarious (though I doubt on purpose) hijinks ensues after that.

Selling Point:  If there is any (at least for this blog) It would be the multiple vampiresses (the official count is 3...see below)

Female Vampire FactorThis movie gets a vampire beauty rating of 3 out of 5.   They are prevalent in the film but not enough to change how mind numbingly dumb this film is.   The story has all kinds of potential but they just drop the ball in the presentation by just having the whole thing come off REALLY cheesy.  

Vampiress cast

Kareema Bay
Bay plays a female vampire who is being hunted by a priest but with her super sensitive vampire hearing, knows he's coming and ambushes him.  This scene has nothing to do with the rest of the movie other than to let you know that it's a vampire movie (because you wouldn't think that looking at the title I guess).


Krystal Hill
Hill plays "Vampiesha" (at least that's what the credits say).  She's the vamp that turns Kalil.  From there I guess she goes to work for him as she is one of the vamps who tries to stop Jakeem from escaping with the ambulate for Kalil.

Anju Mcyintire
Anju (aka A.J. Khan for you Cinemax after Dark/Seduction Cinema fans) plays "Vampyros" (again, that's what the credits say as NONE of the female vampires are actually referred to by name in this movie, nor do they speak). She is seen briefly in the scene where Jakeem steels the ambulate back from Kalil and she tries to stop him.

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