Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Vampiress Episode: Kolchak The Night Stalker

"The Vampire"
Season 1
Episode 4

Based on the film "The Night Stalker", Kolchak aired during the 1974/75 season on the ABC Network in the United States.  In it, Newspaper writer Carl Kolchak investigates and reports on paranormal mysteries.  

In this episode which directly relates to the "Night Stalker" movie, Kolchak goes to Los Angeles to investigate reports of crimes in which the victims have been drained of blood.  When he gets there he finds out that the victims have all been in contact with a call girl named Catherine Rawlins who had gone missing but recently turned up.  Of course putting two and two together Rawlins was a vampire on the prowl. 

Vampiress Cast

Catherine Rawlins

Played by Suzanne Charney, Rawlings was a victim of the vampire attacks of the original "Night Stalker" movie.  As this episode begins, we see her rising from the grave.  From there she immediately begins making contact with her clients as if nothing has happened.  She does not speak at all in this episode as most of her scenes are third person flashbacks narrated by Kolchak. With her long black hair, she has the look of a stereotypical vampiress but the thing that sets her apart from other vampiresses is the sound she makes when she fangs out.  I like to call it the "angry duck noise".  While it's not as hot as the classic "hiss" you can't deny she looks damn good doing it.     

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