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The Sexy Female Vamps of the Blade Franchise

Blade is a comic book character created by Stan Lee and Marvel Comics.  He is classified as a day walker as he is half human/half vampire.  The back story on Blade was that his mother was raped by a vampire causing her to die in childbirth.  Due to this he has vowed to destroy all vampires for what they did.  Blade has spawned 3 successful movies starring Westley Snipes and a not so successful (but highly underrated) TV series starring Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones that had one season on Spike TV in the United States.  This will cover all of them.

Played by former teen porn star Traci Lords in a role that helped legitimize her career Racquel was the right hand of Decon Frost in the first Blade Film released in 1998.  She is also the first vampire you see in action in the film as she lures a poor sap to a vampire owned night club that rains blood.  Luckily for her once Blade comes in to clean house she makes it out safely. 

Arly Jover plays "Mercury".  Not much of a main character with a personality to describe, most of her scenes consist of her either standing in the background  or fighting.  To her credit she does make it to the final fight scene in the movie.  Jover also played the main vamp in the movie John Carpenter presents Vampires: Los Muertos.

Vanessa aka Blades mom was played by the perfect 10 Sanaa Lathan.  If she doesn't go on anyones list of hottest female vampires of all time there is something completely wrong with you.  The scene toward the end of the first Blade movie (stills below) when he is being bled but as he looks up sees her in that tight getup with her flowing long curly locks and fangs out is easily one of my top 5 female vamp scenes of all time.  Unfortunately as what happens all too often in these films, the grand opening was also the grand closing as she gets staked by her own son.

Played by Leonor Vareka, Nyssa was a member of the blood pack, A group of military trained vampires who were originally formed to hunt Blade but instead joined forces with him in order to kill the group of mutated vampires that were accidentally created in Blade 2.  Since the vamps in this movie were being hunted and not hunting, you don't get any fanging out from her but since she is a main character (the ONLY female main character) she gets a mention. 

Danica Talos
My second favorite vamp of the franchise, Danica's appeal is completely on her VERY upfront personality.  Played by Parker Posey, she has a very dominatrix like quality about her which makes everything she does or says seem very kinky in the movie Blade Trinity.  Combine that with the naughty librarian look she holds onto for most of the movie and you have the perfect vampiress.  The scene with her interrogating Hannibal King kind of makes you wish she'd strap you in a chair and torture you with her heels (if you're into that sort of thing).   

Krista Starr
Played by Jill Wagner, Krista was a female with a military background who found herself becoming a vampire while tracking down the people who killed her brother in "Blade: The Series".  From there Blade used her as a mole inside the inner workings of vampire kingpin Marcus Van Sciver's operation (as Marcus was who turned her and he seemed to have a thing for her).  Problems was, vampire Krista was careless sometimes and you kind of questioned what side she was on every once in awhile. 

 Played by Aussie Actress Jessica Gower Chase was the super bi-sexual right hand of Marcus on Blade: The Series.  She seemed to have a bit of a crush and was jealous of Krista at the same time.  If you get the DVD of the series you get A LOT of naked ass shots of her and it's a pretty sweet ass.  The thing I like the most about Chase that sets her apart from other female vamps is the fact that she is durable.  Every time you think you've killed her, she comes back. 

Lisa Starr
Played by P. Lynn Johnson, Lisa is the mother of Krista Starr.  When she goes ill and is diagnosed with terminal cancer Krista decides to turn her to keep her alive.  Unfortunately she never got a chance to let her mom know exactly what was going on and before Krista knew it, her mom was on a murdering spree, biting anyone and everyone she came in contact with and in the episode "Turn the Screw" (below) Krista finally has to put her super blood thirsty mom down. 

Sabin, played by Sahar Biniaz was the assassin that Krista was fighting with when her vampire mother disappeared from her death bed.  She was one of the right hands of the pure bloods who not only had issue with Blade but probably more so with Marcus.  Unfortunately she came to her end at the beginning of the "Turn the Screw" episode at the hands of Krista with a well placed shard of glass from a mirror she went through.

Charlotte was the big wig of the vampire world on Blade: The Series. Played by Emily Hirst, she was one of the original pure blood vampires in existence so she was quite old and very powerful.  Her biggest asset was that she looked like a child which came in handy when it was feeding time (who would accuse an innocent little girl of being a monster.)  She also had a knack for making vampires as she turned an entire school in a short time period in the episode "Monsters" (Below).

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