Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Vampiress Episode: The Dresden Files

"Bad Blood"
Season 1
Episode 5

The Dresden Files was a television series that aired for 1 season on the Sci Fi channel in the United States in 2007 based on the Jim Butcher novels.  The show followed the exploits of a wizard named Harry Dresden who acted as a Chicago private investigator for the supernatural world (side note:  Sci Fi has pretty much recycled this plot for the show "Lost Girl" replacing a male wizard with a female succubus).

In this episode Dresden is hired by a vampire named Bianca to find out who tried to kill her.  The rest of the episode goes back and forth between flashbacks of how Harry (Dresden) and Bianca met and in present day the two trying to solve the case of who wants her dead.  

Vampiress Cast

Played by Joanne Kellly, Bianca is the top vampire in the city of Chicago which makes her the perfect target for an assassination.  Her and Harry have a bit of a past going back to when she helped him get back on his feet during a dark time in his life.  There is tons of sexual chemistry between the two when they're around each other though he will probably never fully trust her. 

 Played by Laura Vandervoort, Natalie is Bianca's right hand.  She goes everywhere Bianca goes.  She doesn't have much of a personality and unfortunately for Bianca has a bit of a vindictive streak.  Worst of all she doesn't fang out at all in the episode (to see her with some exaggerated fangs, find the series finale of the ABC network 2010 reboot of the show "V"). 

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