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Sexy Female Vamps of the "Fright Night" Franchise

Fright Night is one of the most successful vampire movies of the 1980's.  In it's release in 1985 it was the second highest grossing horror movie of the year behind A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 and well deserved.  The original film is easily one of the top 5 greatest vampire movies of all time (then again the 1980's knew their stuff as far as vampire films in the Horror genre go.  Especially compared to now).  The story of Fright Night follows a teenage boy named Charlie Brewster who finds out through snooping that his neighbor (a smooth playboy named Jerry Dandridge) is actually a vampire who is killing the women he's bringing back to his house nightly.  Unfortunately for Charlie, Jerry knows that he's been found out and uses his debonair ways to make everyone think Charlie is crazy while torturing him at the same time by going after his friends, family and girlfriend.  There aren't too many vamps in these films but the ones they do have are VERY memorable.

The B movie Vampiress

She's not significant but she is kind of hot.  This is the opening scene in the original 1985 Fright Night film.  While Charlie is trying to get some from his girlfriend Amy, A "B" grade vampire movie is playing on Peter Vincents "Fright Night" TV show where Peter saves a guy from getting bit after "putting his head on the woman's breast".  This makes you miss the days when films like this were actually shown on late night TV.  There are what seems like millions of television channels in the world at least one of them should still appreciate a good, bad late night vampire movie on a Friday or Saturday Night.

Amy (1985)
Ten points to me for finding a sexy girlie pic of Amanda Bearse (you know, the lesbian who played "Marcie" the neighbor on "Married With Children").  To be totally honest, in the last fifteen minutes or so of this film she is REALLY hot as she is making her transformation into a vampire. She goes from quite boyish looking to sexy vixen with red hair in a white dress which is almost see through from how hard she's sweating in her transformation.  Unfortunately like Lindsay Lohan with plastic surgery she turns too much and scares the daylights out of you after one run in with a cross.

Amy (2011)
Fast forward almost 30 years and this is what Amy has evolved into in the 21st century.  Imogen Poots is much sexier in the "Seducing Charlie to take a bite out of his neck" department than Bearse was, choosing to jump on top of him and straddle him when she does it.  Bearse doesn't even touch the poor guy in 85. Unfortunately her turn isn't as long and spread out but it is still pretty sexy.  

Emily Montague plays "Doris", one of Jerry Dandridge's young victims in the 2011 Fright Night Remake.  Doris is found locked in Dandridges home when Charlie Brewster goes snooping around after he sees Dandridge leave for the night.  Unfortunately Dandridge comes back too soon and while Charlie hides, Jerry continues to make a snack out of her (turning her).  She doesn't vamp out as she doesn't even know she's turned and doesn't find out till Charlie helps her escape in broad daylight just to watch her explode into dust which Jerry (who seems to know about the whole escape) gets a kick out of.  This marks the biggest difference between the two films as in the modern version most of Dandridges victims do turn and don't just die off (most being seen as vampires in the movies final fight).

Regine Dandridge
Good Gawd was Julie Carmen hot in this movie as Regine.  Regine was the sister of Jerry Dandridge in the 1988 (extremely rare to find) sequal Fright Night 2.  She came to town for the sole purpose of getting revenge on Peter Vincent for killing her brother the same way her brother tortured poor Charlie.  Her plan included taking his spot on his own TV show,  Turning Charlie into a vampire and attempting to turn Charlie's new girlfriend Alex by way of her therapist.  In my opinion she was much more powerful than her brother as she has the ability to haunt Charlie in his thoughts and dreams which she uses quite a bit.  Something Jerry never did. (Side note: Carmen also played a vampire similar to Regine on an episode of the Dick Van Dyke series "Diagnosis Murder")

Gerri Dandridge (2013)
Played by Jaime Murray, In 2013 the story gets told one more time but this time the pleasant surprise is that Gerri is a sexy female teacher who seduces her students and especially females so she can bath in the blood she doesn't drink in order to stay young.  In the words of Duke Nukem....Ahhhh much better. 

Amy (2013)
Seemingly the Amy vampire turn gets less and less sexy as the years go by.  Kind of a shame but it could be worse, they could have taken it out all together.  Played by Sacha Parkinson the 2013 version of Amy is less about seducing and tricking Charlie and more about throwing him around and killing him.

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