Thursday, September 10, 2015

Vampiress TV Review: "Diagnosis Murder"
"The Bella Lugosi Blues"
Season 2 
Episode 13

Diagnosis Murder was a night time drama which aired on CBS from 1993 to 2001.  It starred television icon Dick Van Dyke as a doctor who helps his son who is a homicide detective solve cases.  The show also starred his real life son Barry Van Dyke as his TV son as well as former 80's teen heart throb Scott Baio and soap opera diva Victoria Rowell.

The show itself was a spin-off to another TV series "Jake and the Fatman" and spawned after multiple made for TV movies. 

In this episode police are baffled as bodies of prominent bachelors start appearing in the morgue completely drained of blood.  It ends up the one thing they have in common is a connection with a socialite named Moriah Thomas (Julie Carmen).  
This is one of those "we don't believe in vampires till one is in our face and then we still kind of don't believe it" storylines.   She doesn't have fangs and when she eventually outs herself the most supernatural thing she does is fly around the room a lot until she flies herself right into a stake through the heart (err body).  
You read that correct, she is pretty much the klutziest killer vampire ever.  Brags about how she's been alive for centuries and is so powerful and just "oops" now you're dead.  I've got to admit that this episode is a lot of nothing.  The only selling point I can really come up with to watch this is for nostalgia purposes to hear Julie Carmen do her sexy vampire voice again if you were a fan of her as Regine Dandridge in Fright Night 2.

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