Thursday, September 3, 2015

Vampiress Review: "Hot Vampire Nights"

The Gist: A Vampiress calls into a late night radio show to share her stories of seducing woman.

Clarification: Not much to this film.  Just your run of the mill scene based lesbian softcore porn.  The radio call in segments act as no more than lead ins to the sex scenes which all consists of a woman doing something sexy by herself then the vampire showing up having sex with her then biting her at the end. The DVD does have a different cover. The odd thing on it is that the cover on the DVD actually features the stars of the film Titanic 2000/Sexy Disaster Movie.

Selling Point: If you like lesbian sex, you get an hour of it.

Female Vampire Factor: Former Playboy cover girl Shelly Jones plays the vampire in this film..
Basically the film is lots of scenes of her posing in sexy lingerie with wind blowing against her when she appears to her victims.  As far as biting goes, no fangs.  Just a very quick bite that signals the end of the scene where they go back to the radio show portion of the film.

This becomes no big deal considering the one time you do get to see fangs in the film which is after Mina (the vampire) turns the radio hostess (Anita Hayes), they are your cheap plastic fangs you get as a gag gifts around Halloween.
As a Vampire film it is totally lacking but pretty good as a Cinemax style softcore film so I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 2 out of 5.

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