Saturday, August 18, 2012

Vampiress Review: Titanic 2000

The Gist: The neglected girlfriend of a rock star becomes the infatuation of a female vampire while on the maiden voyage of a luxury liner. 

Clarification: This is a cheap parody by Seduction Cinema biting (no pun intended) off the success of the 1997 film Titanic. It is EXTREMELY cheezy with any part of the movie that deals with the ship being done in very old looking computer animation and any scene taking place outside being done in front of a green screen. The film once released on DVD was renamed "Scary Sexy Disaster Movie" but renaming it doesn't make it any less cheesy (we're talking low end USA Up all Night bad).

Selling Point: Tammy Parks vampire costume and the body under it.

Female Vampire Factor: This film gets Vampire Beauty Rating of 1 out of 5.  It's bad enough that the movie is painfully stupid but fact is they made it that way on purpose.  It could have been so much more as Tammy is probably top 20 as far as Sexy Vampires go.  It's to the point that for this movie to be enjoyable you pretty much need to just skip any parts that don't have her in it.

Vampiress Cast

Tammy Parks (Vladimina)
B movie hotty Parks is one of the hottest vampires to appear in a movie PERIOD.  Unfortunately the movie she appears in is pretty much unwatchable.  If you can find the old issue of Draculina magazine which has a photo shoot with her from this film it's pretty much all you need. 

Tina Krause (Shari O'Kari)
Krause does little more in this film then play a girl who's ignored by her boyfriend but too dumb to do anything about it.  Fortunately for her the vampiress Vladimina has a thing for her so she has an out with the one problem being that in order for the two to be together Vladimina has to turn her which is easier said then done because any other girl she tries to turn dies (it has to be true love I guess).  Anyway (SPOILER) after the boat sinks the two are floating in the water and Shari finally lets Vladimina put the bite on her (it's not like she'd live otherwise) but this time around it works and for a split second you do see Shari with fangs (though their are quite a few other films in which Krause is the main vampiress if that's what you want to see).


  1. Dang, sounds pretty bad alright.

  2. Hey I've noticed your posts are kind of few and far between. I was thinking maybe you could do a page on the Vamps of Buffy/Angel. Not all of the, just the main one: Darla, Drucilla, Vampire Willow, the one time Buffy turned into a vampire, Harmony, and anyone else I can't think of at the moment.

  3. Please keep your site as unique as it is. Plenty of that other stuff out there.