Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Vampiress Review: "Lips of Blood"

The Gist: After seeing a picture of a familiar castle a guy goes in search of the place.  On his journey he believes to have seen a woman who helped him as a child.  Problem is she seems to not have aged at all. 

Clarification: Being that this is a Jean Rollins film it's best described as a really slow paced softcore porn.  Not all out sex like a Jess Franco film would be but instead just a lot of gratuitous female nudity (but since it's in french you can just tell your girlfriend it's an art film).  There really isn't much to the plot so you can pretty much ignore the subtitles if you don't speak french and have no problem knowing what's going on.  Basically you've got a guy snooping around different parts of a small town getting into trouble for nearly two hours with hot female vampires coming to his rescue every time (after he accidentally releases them from their crypt fumbling around of course).

Selling Point: The hot female vampires wardrobe mostly consist of a see through coverups.

Female Vampire FactorThis film gets a Vampire Beauty Rating of 5 out of 5.  Rollins was a perve who had a major thing for female vampires when it came to his films so stuff like plot was completely secondary to getting chicks with fangs on screen as much as possible.  A good 15 minutes of the film is nothing but the above women walking or standing around with fangs (among other things) showing.  

Out of the group the ones with the most screen time where Rollins favorites, twin sisters Catherine and Marie Pierre Castel who get a scene on their own where they save Frederic (the main character) from electro shock therapy at an asylum he was forced in by disguising themselves as nurses and biting the doctor.  Basically the vamps are the protagonists of the film acting as a guardian angel of sorts for Frederic.

The main vamp Jennifer (Annie Briand. left) gets the least fang time in the film which is explained through the surprise twist ending which I won't spoil.    Definitely a movie a fang lover can get into and relate to.


  1. Ah, good ol' Jean Rollin. Hope you review more of his films in the future.

  2. based on your review I downloaded and watched this film.
    despite some plot twists and some bad acting it was rather enjoyable.
    not softcore porn at all. many films from europe at the time were like this. 5 out of 5 stars on my scale.