Friday, August 17, 2012

Vampiress Review: An Erotic Vampire in Paris

The Gist: An American girl named Caroline heads to Paris for her mothers funeral but while there she's attacked and raped. She is eventually taken in by a beautiful lesbian named Isabelle who becomes very protective of her. What Caroline doesn't know is Isabelle is vampire and her protection include killing anyone who gets too close.

Clarification:  The good news is that it is the halfway decent looking Seduction Cinema stuff and not the camcorder early Seduction Cinema.  The bad news,  it more or less comes off as a 79 minute vacation home movie of Mundae and Copia visiting Paris landmarks.

Selling Point: Tina Krause playing a non comedic vampire which is a rarity.

Female Vampire Factor: This film gets a Vampire Beauty Rating of 2 out of 5.  As stated above you spend a good majority of the movie looking at footage of the two stars of the film seeing sights.  Though if Copia was on screen without Mundae it's safe to say she was going to bite someone.

Female Vampire Cast

Tina Krause/Mia Copia (Caroline)
The star of the "Dracoola" series this film is a change of pace if you're used to seeing her from those films.  For the first time as a vamp she is in a serious role but as you're trading in the fake Transylvanian accent she used in those movies you're also seeing her with a lot more clothes on than you would in those films as well (not that she isn't completely naked in any plot forwarding portion of the film which she is).  Cheezy or not I'm a fan.

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